Tuesday, August 15, 2017

I'm Going 'Home'

Today I find myself waiting for my mail to catch up with me. Two days before my decision to step out in faith, I had realized my bank card was missing so I had ordered a new one only to leave the town it was to arrive in. Along with it, I was notified that my award from the company I market for had been drop shipped the day I left. When I arrived on the island, I put in a request to have those items forwarded. It has now officially been one week since that request went in so chances are good that all my mail could hit today! If that happens, we'll begin the next phase of our journey, heading back home to Indiana.

Thinking of 'home', makes me think of my final destination, which makes me think of one of my favorite songs by Chris Tomlin "Home".  One of the things I do love about my life today is knowing that I am free and that my chains are broken. For so long I believed that I had blown it so badly that I had nothing of value to give. If you have ever felt like this or felt like there is not point in living, I beg you to grab a copy of my true life trilogy in either print or ebook format. I know it will open your eyes up to the tactics of the evil one. That alone is priceless, but it is my prayer that it also opens your eyes up to just how much God loves you and allows you to also experience freedom from guilt. It is my prayer that I am a mighty soldier in God's army helping my fellow brothers and sisters find the path to abundant living. It is my belief that since God called me forth to share my story to fulfill that life long dream.

If I gave all the details of my daily life, I believe most of you would be flabergasted that I truly love my life, but I do. My life is not easy and I promise you I live through incredible battles and storms, but today I live through them knowing that I am going to come out on the other end with my faith increased. I believe this is the result of the promise of God that what the enemy means for harm, He will use for good.

Baby steps is kind of how I got to where I am today and much of this walk is covered in my book. I am not blessed because I am a good person, far from it! I would be willing to put my money on the truth that you and I have something in common in the ways of regrets over our past. That is the beauty of reading this book of mine, it just might release you from all of that! What a gift that would turn out to be, eh?

It is hard for me to believe that it is already going on 11 AM here. The day goes super fast on this island! While I will miss the constant sound of horse hooves and bike bells, I am looking forward to getting behind the wheel of my car and beginning the next phase of  my faith journey. Be blessed today my friends, but more importantly, be a blessing, let your light shine and help others find their own way back home.