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Monday, December 10, 2012

Give It to God and Let it Go!

Fast forward to the last few months of my life and it has been put on my heart to share . . . It all came so fast . . . I didn't even have a "blogspot" at the time and I pasted this on facebook of all places. I felt the pull to share them here as well. I hope you enjoy!

Give it to God and LET IT GO!

Why am I blogging what I think? The Holy Spirit inside me guides me to do so. It really is that simple. I have advised others to use their talents while I have hidden mine. Please don’t think me grandstanding but I believe I have a gift. A God given gift. We are meant to share those. Mine is NOT that I am a brilliant writer . . . I think mine is being able to write what I hear quickly! I had a really good grade in typing class. ;-)

So for those of you who I was not friends with approximately a year ago, I had posted the song Beautiful by Carole King. It had woken me up. I seriously thought one of the kids had gotten up and turned on the radio and then was having a little fun continually turning it up. No. It was completely in my head! I was so amazed. I sang it to Mike, the father of my youngest 5, the man I'd been with for almost the last 9 years. He did not recognize the tune.  Convinced it was a song I came to work and sang it to my dad and my uncle. Neither knew it. My dad said it should be a song . . . oh how that makes me laugh. Anyway, it was my uncle who suggested I go to You Tube and type in the lyrics. That morning this was the verse that played in my head again and again and again:

You’ve got to get up EVERY morning with a smile on your face and show the world all the love in your heart.  People gonna treat you better you gonna find yes you will that you’re Beautiful as you FEEL!”

While this version doesn't even come close to the Amazing Instrumental version I heard in my head sung by the Angel Band, it will do! I hope you take the time to listen!

Pretty good advice wouldn’t you say? I mean when you consider you get more of what you consistently put out . . . if you were to smile at everyone. Engage and smile. Help someone laugh. Your life would have to get better wouldn’t it? Who doesn’t love to FEEL beautiful?

So I have decided the Holy Spirit inside of me is a Karaoke King! It only makes sense . . . this is also how I communicate best with my children when I want them to “get” something without an attitude, I sing to them.  With that being said, today this is what woke me up, “FREE you’re MIND and the Rest WILL Follow!” Now I know that is a song! I don’t know what the rest of it is but that is a song! AGAIN, Great advice.

When you are struck with worry, fear, stress the Holy Spirit suggests that we can just FREE our Mind ~ the rest will Follow! 

For Fun, here is the entire song:

I know this seems so simple. Almost too easy but I assure you, I am being helped today because every time my brain desires to go to a disturbing turn of events this line blasts in my head. I decided to give praise for that . . . I have not been allowed to sit and dwell over it. I promise when you have that blast in your head as soon as your focus is turned on a worrisome issue it is hard not to begin to giggle at the issue itself for in all reality it is nothing. So, no need to worry. I know God has this too. He has never failed me and the better you get to know me. The more of my story you learn. The more you will realize and understand even those that believe in God will go through trials and tribulations. We all have days that are nuts. Just because I share my Faith that God loves me does not mean I don’t live a regular Joe Shmoe life. I think some people think God has let them down by allowing them to struggle. As parents don’t we call that tough love?

If you say there is no God because pain exists in the world I pray you will at least begin to open your mind to the possibility that God does exist.  My prayer for you today is that you see the Glory of God for yourself.

May Your day be full of blessings.
 May Your Joy over flow.
Whatever is troubling You today
 Give it to God and let it go!

Wendy, Mom of Many!

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