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Monday, January 7, 2013

Awoken by an Answer to a Prayer!

This is the last title I was given to write on. Again it is way out of order but I find it interesting that this is what God wants me to share. This by far is one of the strangest things I have ever witnessed. Allow me to paint the scene.

Jeffrey Thomas was born. He came to work with me every day like many of my babies have. I breast feed the majority of my children and having your baby with you is much more pleasant than having to pump! Anyway, at this time my mother was my assistant at work. She always came by the house to allow me to get to work on time and she would stay with the other children to get them on the school bus.

One morning when she showed up I immediately realized something was wrong with her face. In a panic I called my father and told him what was going on. My brother was sent to my house and he rushed my mom to the emergency room. I thought she was having a stroke.

Up until that point I had never heard of an illness titled "Bells Palsy". If you have yourself never heard of it, the symptoms are a lot like a stroke. My mom had lost use of one side of her face. The hospital informed her there is no cure. They prescribed blood pressure medicine and antibiotics. The most awful thing about this disease is it leaves you with no control over one side of your face.

My mom has always been one of those people that pays attention to looks. How pretty, how thin . . . they matter to her. I know looking in the mirror was too much for her. I cannot fathom what it would be like to not be able to close your eye or to smile on both sides of your face. My heart broke for her.

After a few days of antibiotics and no change I was on my knees praying for God to heal her. I told him this, "I need my mom. If this paralysis of her face doesn't improve I think she will go insane. Please God, you have to heal her. You have to. Thank you in advance." and I went to bed.

That morning I awoke to this, "Put your breast milk in your mother's ear."

I sat straight up in bed. I was taken aback. Shocked. Perplexed. Confused. Worried on how to even approach the matter. I was in such a state of fear that I didn't even say anything at first. I spent the first 4 hours of my day searching the Internet for Bells Palsy information. Somehow I stumbled upon an article regarding the 7th cranial nerve as this is the one responsible for the face having no movement response. I then spent another hour researching the 7th cranial nerve and that is when I found the picture of a baby's ear. Ironically, it showed the 7th cranial nerve and how it travels through the ear. Now I was stunned. I knew in my heart I had to approach the subject.

With a moment of courage, I spun my chair around and said, "Mom, this is going to sound so crazy but I went to bed praying for you to be healed by God and this morning I was awoken by a message. I was told to put some of my breast milk in your ear." Then I showed her the diagram I had found of the 7th cranial nerve and asked her how she felt about us trying that. She looked at me and said, "Wendy, I'm willing to try anything at this point. I just want to be able to shut my eye."

I went into the bathroom and pumped out some milk. Luckily, since I have raised children here in the office, I even had a medicine dropper handy. I soaked up some of my milk into the dropper and dripped it into her ear. I sat down and within a minute she kind of jumped in her chair and said, "I felt something pop." and then she blinked her eye. Next she moved her cheek slightly. My eyes teared and I said, "I'm pumping some for you to take home and just do this every three hours over the weekend." I ran into the bathroom more to give thanks and to weep than to pump. I was overwhelmed with gratitude.

We couldn't get any doctors to take notice of what had transpired. After more research, I discovered there are laws against even sharing bodily fluids (such as breast milk). I am thankful that God heard my plea and gave me a solution. The joke in our family for a while was that I should bottle my breast milk and call it "miracle milk".

Now I realize what happened is even bigger than my milk curing my mom. I would have never thought of that on my own. Obviously so by my simple minded need to research endlessly regarding what I had heard. Indeed Jeffrey has been a blessing in many many many ways. Had I not given birth to him I would not have been lactating and there would not have been breast milk on hand to use in my mother's ear. While all prayers aren't answered immediately and all of our loved ones are not miraculously healed please do not allow yourself to believe that for one minute God doesn't feel for you or your loved ones. He sent his only begotten son to save us. This life span of ours is nothing more than a vapor . . . we are nothing more than a blimp when it comes to time. We all in the end face the same fate: bodily death. The bigger picture is this: eternal life.

My prayer for you if you are currently a non believer or one who has doubts when it comes to God is that you do your due diligence in educating yourself on your beliefs and how you came to form them. I am currently reading a book titled 'How Now Shall we Live' written by Charles Colson and Nancy Pearcey. It covers evolution, naturalism along with many other kinds of science. The most fascinating thing to me is how many times science actually has proven there is a single designer behind the curtain. Even the big bang theory leads the biggest atheist to the truth. God exists.

Just like in the days of Jesus, many of our religious leaders have done a complete injustice to God. In a world of children killing children, perhaps it's something we, as parents, should at least be curious enough about to do some serious soul searching ourselves. I challenge all non believers to read this book. It's not the bible . . . it is however an amazing intellectual read.

My prayer for everyone today is that you take a moment of silence at the end of each day to question. Where did I come from? What is my purpose? What am I to teach my children about life?

Blessings to all who take me up on this Challenge. The journey itself is worthwhile!

Wendy, Mom of Many

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