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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Thankful Thursday

When I was in my twenties and again working at Glidden Fence, Chris enrolled me in a shorthand course. The gist was, if I could write as fast as she could talk, she could dictate her letters to me without missing a beat!

I have this crazy thing in me that causes me to race myself when it comes to things that are more impressive or fun at faster rates.

I didn't just take the course, I practiced by means of music. I would write down the lyrics to songs playing on the radio. It was not the first time I'd done something like this. In typing class our teacher had stated that it was impossible to carry on a conversation and type what you were reading without transfering to typing what you are saying. Again . . . I take something like that as a challenge and I love the feeling of accomplishing what I have been told I can't. Is that weird? Today I can carry on a conversation, type anything . . . even if it is a letter I am writing from thought and not sight. Just the other day I was typing one of these blogs and my Uncle came up to me and we began discussing a job. He stopped mid conversation and said, "Oh you think you are so cool not looking at the computer typing and talking to me." We both laughed.

Regardless that talent has come in handy over the years. Sometimes this faucet is turned on inside of me while I am driving and I will get it out on paper before it escapes my mind . . . you see it's what I hear but it comes from within me . . . it is not me . . . it is through me and it comes fast. When I was in school I wrote daily. My emotions boiled out in Rhyme. It was a healthy way of working through my emotions and thoughts.

So I was on my way to work and I was smiling and chatting with my Heavenly Father and just praising how blessed my life has been. How Thankful I am. How Joyous I am.

In the midst of my praise, Gbam, here came words in rhyme . . . I blindly found my pen . . . grabbed a stapled group of papers out of my folder of past writings. Funny enough, when I went back into my room this morning to grab my coat and keys, I was told to grab it. I went so far as to ask myself why I was bringing it as I had no intention of posting anything out of it today and I heard "Take it." I shrugged to myself and listened to the directions I was given. I am getting much better at this listening thing!

Anyway, here I was on my way to work and four minutes down the road, in the midst of my praise, the first verse rang out in my head . . . I knew what time it was. I blindly grabbed a pen out of the middle console and a packet of paper out of my folder and began writing in shorthand. I don't need to look down at the paper to keep my words in order because this I too practiced. Blind penmanship! (God is a good teacher . . . he has primed me for all of this my whole life. That fact is undeniable! So much so, I can't help laughing about it. He taught me through challenges. He filled me with the desire to achieve beyond the barriers that others have placed in front of me. Doesn't it just make you want to throw your arms around him?) These are the insights he shared with me this morning about myself and it made me want to hug Him. Here is what I heard this morning:

Our Father is Good
He's so so Good
I'd run up and hug him
If I could
Oh yes yes yes I would
Compelled to lift my hands
Palms Up in the air
It's undeniable Father
How much You truly care
Praises I sing to You
Thank You I Joyously shout
Loving others as you love us
That's what this life's about
For me there is No doubt
I lift my head and I grin real big
I thank Him from my heart
Praising & Singing to Our Father in Heaven
Is the best way for all to start!
If you have never once in your life sat and reflected on things or even attempted to see your life from the lens of Love, I encourage you to find a pair of glasses that will give you this viewpoint.
From The Gospel of John, Chapter 10 verse 10 we are told: The thief comes, to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.
Abundance comes in various forms. Many associate it with money. If that is Your belief, My heart bleeds for you.
Abundance in it's most wonderful forms comes as peace (stemming from Faith) Joy (held strong by Hope) and Love.
From The Book, Corinthians, Chapter 13 verse 13: And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.
With these things being said, I don't know what you think you know about God and whether or not he exists.

However, if you are like me, you love a good challenge.

My Challenge to You is This: "Investigate his word with YOUR OWN Eyes. Don't rely on being spoon fed by others. Don't just listen to someone else when it comes to YOUR learning about God and His Word. Check it out for YOURSELF.

I warn you though, when you start down this road, there will be no denying The Truth.

Any person who has set out to disprove God Exists, whether they be scientists or atheists, has come to the undeniable Truth: Our Almighty Creator is not some fantasy whim that the weakest of us rely upon.

He is Our Heavenly Father. He is Our Creator. He gave us all the tools we need to live the best human life possible in the heart of a Fallen World. Why on Earth would you ignore His advice without so much as an honest investigation into His Loving Fatherly advice?

It is my prayer for you today that you begin to open your heart to the possibility that God Exists and more amazing that He Loves YOU regardless of any wrongs you have committed.

Many Blessings to those who take me up on this task,

Wendy, Mom of Many

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