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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Terrific Testimonial Tell-All Tuesday

Sometimes I catch myself laughing so hard when it comes to the way that God works. Yesterday I was sharing this letter about the evil one and how he gets us busy being busy with everything but God's purpose for us. In the midst of that Jordan, a wonderful brother in Christ, had called to check on me to make sure I had managed to get my car back. I was at work and busy but wanted to tell him something. I quickly typed him a message. Then about an hour later I received an email from Bridget, the Leader of my Great Banquet. I wanted to share my news with her too. Since I was in a crunch on time as well as energy I simply went into my message from Jordan and pasted it over to her . . .  I was so tired I then went about pasting what I thought was the letter about the evil one. This morning I checked my notifications on Facebook and saw another friend of mine had liked a comment I had made in a group room on Facebook that we are both in. I was confused at first as it was my message to both Jordan and Bridget. I busted out laughing wondering how many places Our Father had me share it. Who am I to object? So today my this is my testimonial tell-all! 

Jordan, I wanted to tell you that when I was in my prayer circle with our Shepherd I prayed for strength through the ridicule I was sure to face come Monday morning.

Sure enough I came in quietly because I wanted a moment to myself before I faced my earthly father, however you know how hilarious Our Heavenly Father is . . . I brought some of my books in with me . . . as soon as I walked away from my desk to check on the credit card machine I heard one hit the floor . . . I whipped around as the final 3 hit the floor right behind the first.

My father called out . . . "Who's in there banging stuff around?" 

I said, "It's me" and I walked back to his office to say good morning and give him a hug as I do every day. 

Two of our foremen were back there with him. In front of them he asked, "So how did your religious outing go?"

I said, "I didn't go on a religious outing." 

He looked confused and said, "I thought you went to a church event."

I said, "Well . . . kind of but not how you are thinking." He looked at me confused and I said, "Sheesh dad it's not like I went off to learn how to be a Pharisee . . . I just hung out with the hands and feet of Christ and learned about God's Love. That's cool right? You do think I deserve to feel the Love of God don't you?" As I said those last two sentences I walked around and gave him a hug and kiss on the cheek. Then I turned and walked back out to my office. The back room was completely silent for an entire minute.

Thought you might enjoy that. Thank you for checking on me . . . sorry my phone is off . . . the battery is dead. Haven't had much time other than for work and responding to letters I received that I am able to write back. I set yours and Chalices to the side as I wanted to put more thought into my responses . . . God already let me know what to say to Chalice . . .

I am ready to drop as I type this . . . funny to think I'm going to the Y after work to check it out and possibly work out a minute or two. I bought a family membership.
You and your wife have taught me so much in the last year and a half and I love you like family. I am praying on what to write back to you. I am humbled by your letter.


Jordan Dailey

Wendy there is no need for a response to my letter. Just knowing you enjoyed yourself is a huge blessing to me. I'm glad this weekend wasn't Pharisee training for you, but instead a time to draw closer to God. I'm glad you made it home ok. Much love and prayers headed your way. Love Ya

So, again it was God's strength and knowledge and words that helped me when I came face to face with what I knew would happen I just didn't know how it would come to pass. No since in playing anything out in my head. Pointless . . . I simply prayed for strength and I was given it and the perfect thing to say. 

Today I pray you find a fellowship of friends and begin your own journey getting to know Our Father.  I pray I am able to be a Fisher of people. I pray I walk as close to Jesus that my light shines bright enough for others to long to follow me and learn what I am up to! I pray for healing of hurts of the heart and the opening of eyes who have been blind to the Grace being offered to them. May I be a perfect representation of the Glory of God. I pray I never lose sight of my purpose. I am a servant of the Most High. I pray he finds Joy in Me.

Wendy, Mom of Many

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