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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Tuesday's Tidbit . . . a Little Rhyme to Pass the Time!

For those who follow as I blog, I am thrilled that the words are once again flowing. Hope washes over me. It may seem silly but I too dread the times of 'silence'. I once read another girl's blog and she was talking about her walk with God and she made the statement about the dreaded times of dis-connect. I get them myself. Moments of silence are when I seem to allow self doubt to creep in. I try to remember that thoughts that aren't full of love and hope are not thoughts from God and when I focus solely on the dark thoughts well . . . it's hard to hear outside the buzz. So on days like today when it is God that stirs me awake I can not help but feel on top of the world. I try to stay here. On top of this mountain I have found myself on today. That is why you, my friends, are so important to me. You encourage me! I hope I encourage you! In hopes of bringing you a little encouragement, Here is my Little Tidbit Rhyme for the day:

I awoke today with something to say and now a smile is upon my face.
Nothing in this world can do it for this girl like Our Father’s Love, it holds first place.
If you give thanks and sing songs of praise, I tell you your eyes will often be amazed!
Miracles I’ve retold that have happened in my life at times leave me completely dazed!

I Pray for wisdom, I pray for truth, I pray for the lost, I pray for our youth,
I Pray for mercy, I Pray for Love, I Pray for Friendship with Our Father Above,
I Pray for eyes to open and hearts to feel, I Pray for protection and for all hurts to heal
I Pray for you, I Pray for me, I Pray that we stand firm in our faith and live abundantly!

If there’s one thing we do well on our own, I declare we know how to wallow!
If you walk along your own path without God’s guidance you’ll find life is quite hollow.
It’s a fact, when you can’t stomach the truth, you’ll find it hard to swallow.
It’s also true if you Seek first the Kingdom of God, everything else will follow!

If you want joy you can have it, you see, it’s yours for the making!
Without God though you can’t have Joy. It’s the evil one who’ll do the taking!
I pray you Put on your full suit of armor and stand firm with me in this fight.
Why sit in the shadows of darkness when there is so much abundant light?

Have a wonderful day everyone! Love,

Wendy, Mom of Many

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