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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Wild Wonderful Wacky Wednesday!

Good morning! I am trying to rewire my brain to associate each day of the week in a positive manner, hence the title! This month of February has been a rough one for me. I have barely blogged . . . I think this is my 3rd one this month. Yikes! So much for sticking with that blog once a day goal. Regardless I have learned to not let my daily failures keep me down for long. This morning I was praying on what to write on . . . so many things make wonderful topics but that's not how this works for me. I must be in tune with the Holy Spirit for the words to flow like water.

I have made it a habit to start out my morning hanging out with Our Heavenly Father. I know when I am in tune and when I am simply too caught up in worldly things to really hear what He has to share with me. I am my own worst enemy at times. I have surrounded myself with great friends who also believe. This is a wise thing to do for we were meant to encourage one another. One of my favorite things I read in the Bible ( so funny to say because I Love anything I read and "GET") regardless, I had a friend who was struggling with her walk and I was seeking what God wanted me to share with her and that is when I found it.

Romans, Chapter 1 verse 12: When we get together I want to encourage you in your faith,
 but I also want to be encouraged by yours."

Right there you see how important encouraging one another is. I know I have days of despair and worry and stress and chaos and it's so easy to get stuck there . . . in this self made whirl wind of hopelessness . . . when you find yourself there, pick up your Bible. At the very least reach out to a strong friend. There is no reason for you to fight alone. Sometimes we pray for things God has already given us . . . we are too blind to recognize that we already have it! Today make an actual inventory list of positives you have in your life. Be detailed about it. For instance don't just list "Friends". That would not have the same impact as listing each name of each Friend you have. I hope this will help you shake the clouds of negativity and cause you to gain a bounce in your step. 

I have a friend that is always posting uplifting phrases or comments. Today however she let the world know she needs some encouragement. I am impressed with her courage. It was in my response to her that my creative juices began flowing. In my heart I know it was my sincere Love for her that turned on the faucet. I even thanked her in my reply! You know how I love to rhyme after all! With that being said, here is the gist of how things went: 

She was basically saying, "I'm in pain. I'm having trouble staying positive. I need encouragement. Help."

Instantly I felt my heart ache for her. She is such a bright light in my life. I let her know this:

I am praying for you.

I know you KNOW Jesus is your Savior, And your Faith is strong
But we all have days of despair and weakness when we feel we don't belong.
We let the negative side of things penetrate our skin.
It's really all the evil one needs to begin.
He fills the room with darkness and tries to block out the sun
Before you realize you're in the battle 
The Fight has already begun
You are wise in your defense
Reaching out to your friends
I pray that you feel Peace and Joy
And that your healing begins.

As it often happens, I write something for someone and it helps me. I hope this little snippet for the day helps you in some way too. I pray we go about today encouraging one another. We have all heard the phrase "Paying it Forward". There are even some really cool inspiration videos on You Tube of the ripple effect of acts of kindness. I say let's start a ripple that becomes so big it causes a wave of Hope and Love to wash over the world! ((hugs)) to all who go about doing good today.

Wendy Mom of Many

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