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Thursday, March 21, 2013

A Song to Share on This Tremendously Thankful Thoughtful Thursday!

I heard this song last night on my way to my meeting with my Life Coach . . . my spiritual advisor . . . my friend . . . she has pushed me to reach for my dreams and become confident in my self worth . . . I love her.  When this song came on the radio it was the first time I had ever heard it. I listened to the words and I felt chills. The lyrics in this song reiterate what I have been praying about to God. I don't want to do anything to turn someone away from Him. I want them to see His Glory through me and be drawn to Him. It's my heart's desire.

I hope this link works . . .  http://youtu.be/yXotFpdX1V0

I updated Cathy, my life coach, on what all had happened in my life for the last 4 weeks. She really should charge me more! I was in her office for over two hours!! I guess I had a lot happen in one month! She gave me an assignment as she always does. I would be so much further back without her encouragement. I look back to the first group session she hosted that I attended. It was a transformation class she teaches. I exploded in growth! From there she reached out and inquired how I was doing. She offered to give me a little one on one coaching and it was a mere month later that I began blogging. Cathy is a mighty prayer warrior. Don't ever think prayer is not effective. It is!

I am excited to see how I grow this next month. I have so much of my story left to share. I need to get to the next chapter but all in due time. Those words aren't at my finger tips yet!

Today I pray that I indeed become a tool for God. I pray I remain open to His voice and only speak words that bring any and all who hear what I say and read what I write closer to our Eternal Father.  I pray those in the midst of a spiritual battle find fellow warriors to stand at their sides and encourage them in their faith. I pray for protection for those that minister to others. In Jesus name I pray.

Wendy, mom of many

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