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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

My Re-birthday Gift From My Heavenly Father!

Good Morning! Today the date is 3/6/2013! By age I turned 44 this year but by life's standards I have just been reborn! Numbers intrigue me. I love how with math the answer is the answer. It is cut and dry. It allows no doubt. You can calculate it forwards and backwards and you end with the same result. Then there are patterns in your life that numbers seem to highlight. For instance my birthday when written as 3/6/69 is dividable by 3. The letters in my entire name total to 15. My weight at birth was 8.04. it seems 3 has followed me around a lot!

The funniest 3 I saw in my life recently was when my friend Joan here at work and I had purchased some hot and sour soup from the Chinese restaurant down the street. Neither one of us could finish ours so she informed me she was labeling them and putting them in the fridge. When I went to go get mine later that day after Joan had left, I looked at the labels she had made. Instantly I was thinking why did she label them 3 & 4? Suddenly I realized I was looking at them wrong . . . They actually were a W and a J . . . gave me a pretty good giggle though.

So . . . numbers . . . sometimes I think God uses them to get our attention. You see. He led me to open this blog forum up . . . I was completely lost through the Title and Url process. I was lost but I just listened to what the Holy Spirit led me to do. On December 6th, I wrote my first blog. Today I am writing my 44th blog and it is my 44th birthday! I have been focused on listening and following God and reading his word more than ever over these last 90 days.

This year I attended an event called "The Great Banquet". It was the 44th one held at CrossRoads. When I went into the weekend I had published 40 blogs. Sometimes we pray for signs. Just let me know you are there God. I may be counted as crazy but the number 3,4 and 40 are big repeaters in the Bible. You could say God has my full attention!

One of my biggest struggles over the years would have to be my faith when it came to Jesus. Over the last 3 years I have gotten into the word and I have learned all about Jesus with the help of the Holy Spirit and fellow believers in Christ. I thank God for leading me to this fellowship. I see his handy work all over my travels. This Sunday, Rusty, who has helped open my eyes to the Truth stated that there is a HUGE difference in Believer's of God and Believer's of Christ. At "CrossRoads Great Banquet #44" I chose Christ. He chose me long before I even understood who I was In Him.

While this is the 44th year of my life, I truly feel like a new creation. I have been reborn. It's so awesome that for the rest of my life I get to spread the good news! I am blessed beyond measure <3 I was in awe this morning when I woke up for everything was covered in a white blanket of snow. Almost like God was saying you have a clean slate Wendy. Here is my view today. Doesn't it just take your breath away?

I am going to try to figure out how to link this Sunday's message about Christ. I am rotten at this kind of thing so if this does not work leave a comment . . . http://www.ustream.tv/channel/sunday-worship-at-pinheads
Rusty really allows the Holy Spirit to communicate through him. He's an awesome servant to Christ.

Today I pray that all who are seeking answers find fellowship with fellow believers in Christ. I pray all who are lost are shown the truth and you "get it". I pray that you take the good news and in turn spread it to others who are lost. I pray we shine so brightly that others are drawn to us. I pray we stay in tune with the Holy Spirit and continue to grow in love. In Jesus name I pray. Amen.

Wendy, Mom of Many

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