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Friday, March 8, 2013

Fantatically Fun Family Friday! FABULOUS!

Good Morning World! It's Fantastically Fun Family Friday and that puts me in a FABULOUS mood! I am looking forward to some SERIOUS LAUGHTER and relaxation this weekend! I'll be kicking it back with my little ones. We are going to the Y tomorrow. I am going to hit the treadmill again. I finally have a pair of tennis shoes! First pair in over 3 years!!! My birthday gift to myself. I am committed to getting back in shape. This pain stuff is for the birds! I know the kids will want to hit the pool again. I think they are all half fish! I am looking forward to seeing what all we can do as a family there. I just got my membership and have only been there once by myself and once with all the kids By MYSELF! This weekend I'll have some help. I hope you enjoy your family time and are able to slow down the hustle bustle a bit and enjoy this thing we call Life!

My main goal in life is to spread the good news. If you are looking for some encouragement or some honest true life struggle and overcome stories, or perhaps a general boost in your day, I hope you find all of that here. 

I wrote a blog a week ago talking about how "It's all in your mindset" when it comes to how you feel about, and deal with everything that comes your way. This year one of my goals was to focus more on my relationship with Our Heavenly Father. One of the tricks that I used was to rethink how I look at each day of the week. This is why many of my blog titles focus on the day. Doing this allows me to get excited about spending time with my children and helps me remember how quickly time passes so I tend to make the most out of each moment. I have to admit doing things this way has for sure increased the laughter in our home. 

Last weekend, my youngest 3 went to the daddy daughter dance. Trying on dresses and shoes as well as taking them to get their hair done was hectic for sure but because I had thought about the day ahead in a positive manner I think it enabled me to keep the focus on the joy that this day was meant to bring to the girls. I took the two youngest boys out for mom and son time and we had some good laughs. I am going to try to add some pics and videos to this blog today to share with you a snippet of the joy my life is beginning to overflow with simply by focusing daily on God's Word as well as Recognizing the TRUTH about Jesus and Grace. I hope these give you cause to giggle . . . laughter is the best medicine!

  Adding pics is NOT easy!
 I have fought with this blog for an hour trying to put these in order! Obviously failing big time!! I was trying to upload some video too . . . not going very well . . . I think I sent it to Youtube lol. I will play havoc trying to find it I'm sure! I hope everyone has a Fantastic Fun Family Friday this week. Remember tomorrow is another day to celebrate life!

Oh my . . . I cannot get anything to work for me now. God only knows what this will look like when published! Today I pray that we learn to relax and not let the little irritations like photos not dropping like you want them to get the best of you! I pray we all laugh a little hardier and enjoy the moments we are given. I pray we all make the most of each day here on earth and draw closer in relationship with Our Heavenly Father through Christ. In Jesus name I pray, Wendy, Mom of many!

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