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Friday, March 1, 2013

Who Among Us?

So this morning in conversation, I mentioned to Mike, “God says not to be flamboyant about his protection” . . . then out of my mouth I said, “He promises to protect you through the process of circumstance but he doesn’t control how things play out. We all have Free Will.”

That’s when it dawned on me like a lightning bolt. We are the Hands and Feet of Jesus. We are the ones with the FREE WILL! WE decide how we are going to treat another human being.  How we treat one another can CHANGE everything. In the last couple of elections we as a people have longed for CHANGE. The difference is in how we explain the CHANGE we ALL want.

Here is what I see:

(1) We want more KINDNESS . . . that is what we are really saying with the entitlement programs that have been put in place. Everyone enjoys feeling kind . . . it does something to your heart. We just somehow got to the point with being okay with the government doing it for us. The disconnect from being a part of encouraging someone in this manner is a detriment to our society. The Government is not the body of Christ. It is the law of the land. They can and will never do the job we were meant to do ourselves.

*Sorry ~ the government is the government. They are not Knights in shining armor. They are too busy being childish to even be cable of listening to THEIR own hearts. They certainly are NOT listening to OURS. They have been too busy stirring the flames. Pointing fingers. Placing Blame. Keeping us Angry at our situation as well as at each other. Do you know what it says about Anger in the bible?  

(2) We want people to be Responsible for Themselves when possible:

A)  The Bible is consistent and clear in its message about those who are least able to fend for themselves, Our Orphans, Our widows and our Elderly. We are to lift them up. I am all for that. We suck at this as a society. There must be a more COMPASSIONATE & AFFORDABLE way. I say we reference the Bible on this!

B) On the flip side when it comes to those of us who are capable, We need to shake things up. Tough Love is a necessary thing!  Let’s admit it. We have some serious slackers.  We have coddled our youth to the point of detriment.  Many of them live in an illusion. I often wonder who among them have been taught the matters of the Heart? I KNOW the majority are able to feel pain and fear: hate, jealousy, self-pity, self-doubt . . . in a nut shell All forms of Anger. We have seen too much acting out to deny this Truth.

(3) Our Legal System:  

A) Our punishment system is inhumane.   We live in a fallen world. Our Judicial System is SO FAR OUT OF CONTROL that I often lose my balance in any court room. There is not a whole lot of JUSTICE being served. How have we allowed this to happen? WHERE is OUR compassion?

* We need to encourage one another in ALL of our relationships. Stop the Gossip. Stop the Rumors. Stop the spreading of vicious lies. Start offering a hand and a heart.  Who among us has not caused harm in our lifetime? We all can get better at NOT causing more.

* Who among us has not fallen down on hard times?

* Who among us has not made mistakes? We need to teach our children that this is NOT the end of the world. We need to SHOW them when one falls down they GET BACK UP. THEN they Take a Step Back. NEXT They need to ANALYZE what just went wrong. Then they CHANGE a little or a lot or completely and become a new person!

(4) Our Education System:

A) The Government needs to get out of it. Ask any teacher. Their hands are tied down with as much insane ridiculous restrictions in the name of “God only knows what” that they barely have time to teach.  

As a parent I am OVER it!

B) The tenure protection in a 3 year time frame needs to be taken OFF the table. Seriously, what job does one hold where after 3 years they can’t be fired? (Watch the documentary “Waiting on Superman” before passing judgment on this opinion.) Some teachers are not good teachers. It is the truth. They know it in their hearts. They are in charge of young minds. Their hearts should be in the right place. There is a reason I am not a teacher. It’s a HARD freaking job!

I apologize for my rant if I have offended you. I am surprised at what I have written today. God showed me I would fill many pages of paper with ink. I refuse to allow my fear keep me from publishing something that has flowed so quickly out of my fingers. All my knowledge comes from God. I have had much exposure to a lot and I know God uses all evils for good.

It is my prayer that good things stem from my blogs. I pray anyone who reads my blogs will not find themselves angry at me. I only wish to open others to the heart of the matter. We could be so much better to one another if we got to know Jesus a little better. You want a Utopia? He’s the key to achieving it. I pray you find yourself curious enough to pick up a bible. Go to the New Testament and Read John. I joked last night saying, “John is the gospel for all of us who have been looking for Love in all the wrong places.”  There is a lot of Truth to that statement. I pray you take the time out of your busy life to read the Gospel of John. It’s a “Google” away. I end in thanks to Our Heavenly Father for the wisdom shared in the pages of the Bible. Your Word is Food for the soul. Those of us who are able to read it openly are so blessed. I count myself among them.  Amen.

Wendy, Mom of Many

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