Wednesday, April 24, 2013

My Lunch Experience at Wendy's Restaurant in Westfield, Indiana!

Today before I headed off to lunch I had posted a sign on Facebook that read, "Be kind to Mean people, they need kindness the most." I challenged my friends to go about the day and help other people smile! I take my challenges seriously! 

Smile 1 & 2 were delivered to total strangers! I ran out to grab some chili from Wendy's. Since I am on a health kick, I am avoiding sitting in line in the drive through. Every step counts you know. So I went inside walked up to the counter (FREEZING because it was actually snowing) and promptly ordered two buckets of sunshine. The girl, Melissa, paused, looked up and laughed. Her assistant grinned too! I then placed my order: Large Chili with Lots of onions. She then asks me,  "you want them on the bottom and the top?"

Guess who's smiling now?! ME!! "Oh yea!" I said.

She then tells her crew, "Oh yea! I'm making her chili delicious!" Which made a couple of them chuckle.

Totally made my afternoon! Talk about customer service!! Melissa at the Wendy's on SR 32 just east of Carey Road. You will forever Rock in my book of all time favorite servers!! Thanks for the great smile and I don't know what you did to my chili . . . perhaps it's the dash of happiness you added . . . BEST cup of Chili I have ever eaten from Wendy's!!! Shaking my head. Laughing and Loving Life!

Today I pray that as believers going about our day, may we take the time to encourage others. We know such good news. I pray that we share it! Today I pray we begin to let the fruits of the spirit take over in our life so that others will be drawn to us longing to learn what makes us so happy. I pray that we listen to the voice of God and remain His humble servant. I pray more and more and more of us join together encouraging one another. Today I also pray for non believers. I pray my stories inspire you to think about Your Creator. I pray that you open your mind and heart to the possibility. In Jesus name I pray. Amen

Wendy Glidden, Mom of many 
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