Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Totally Terrific Testimonial Tell - All Tuesday!

Totally Terrific Testimonial Tell - All Tuesday! Here is my testimonial Tell - All for the day: Mike is a guys guy. He loves to 4 wheel, gets a kick out of driving anything from a Motorcycle to an RV. As we say about our rough and tumble sons, "He's ALL Boy!" with that being said, this week at church Mike raised his hand and commented on how Blessed we were through the storms and flooding last week. That in itself is amazing. However the funniest thing he said to me this week, while in the midst of praising Our Heavenly Father, was how much fun I've been lately. I looked at him and said what do you mean? He said, "God is making you play with me! You rode on my bike you said you'd never get on, you went 4 wheeling with me through a river. You would have never done that on your own!" Totally cracking me up . . . mainly because he is soooooo right! For me I'm amazed at where Mike and I stand today. If you have been following my blog you will witness how far we were from loving one another as a husband and wife should. I invite you to read my story. To date I have written 52 blogs. Pick a title that strikes you. Like it? Pick another! Think it might benefit someone you know, SHARE it! Have a blessed day everyone!!

I want to post this video of us driving through the river. If you have read my blog you know I struggle with the whole technical side as in adding pictures or video. I also wanted to post pictures of the people who we met from the play we went to with the children "The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe". I had left the tickets to the play back at the campground. This is the sole purpose for us having to drive through the water. We had left out on Mike's motorcycle when the water was beginning to crest on Friday. We went back in the Jeep!  I managed to upload the photos! If this blog looks like someone in first grade put it together, I am going to claim the child in me took over! Okay! A child for sure took over lol. I hope the placement of these pictures doesn't take away from the coolness of them!! One day I will have time to understand how to paste them so that they have an order to them. 

I have a video of us driving from here out of the campground . . . still working on how to upload that bad boy! It was soooooo scary, I honestly wanted to cry (laughing at the recall). Mike has talent behind the wheel. It does not matter what he needs to drive, he is more than capable. It doesn't hurt that he enjoys it! I am so happy with myself today! Here is the video! Can you imagine going through this on a Motorcycle. Still shaking my head!

Hope everyone is having a Totally Terrific Tuesday themselves! I promise to be back soon with my next life's chapter. Reliving the adoption was much much much harder than I had thought it would be. I have the next title for my life's story. God gave it to me last week. I need some solitude to type it out. It was a wake up call back then. I am honestly nervous about what else I will recall through this next chapter as I always slide back in time when God writes through me. It's like being there again. I have been a humble servant through this process and I promise to continue to do so. I had titled these years "My Dark Ages" (laughing) I was trying as I do sometimes to come up with a cool title on my own. Not sure why, as I know if I sit and be still, God will speak to me. As He is always Faithful. He spoke to me last week with a two worded title "The Aftermath" when I heard it I dropped my purse. Then I looked up to the Heavens and said, "Of course! Why didn't I think of that?!" Because if I had thought of it, this would not be from God! I love my life. I love the relationship I have with My Father Above. 

Today I pray for all who feel they have no relationship. May my story help plant a seed inside of you. Today I pray that all who long to build a relationship with God begin to do just that. I pray more and more and more of us are drawn to the Truth. In Jesus name I pray. Amen.

Wendy, Mom of Many
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