Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Self Control is A known Fruit!

Good morning world! Today the birds are singing, the sun is shining and the day has started off with a blast. If you don't just love your life today, you are who I am praying for! Life. It can be brutal but much much much better than the alternative! I am saddened by the truth that people can be so mean to other people. Stress, depression, suicide, they are All on the rise. Spanning age ranges from the youngest to the oldest. How did that happen? One can't help but wonder, "How did we get to be such a rude, inconsiderate, hateful, uppity, better than, haughty human race?" We have steered so far from Grace it is almost scary.

Today I would like to encourage everyone to pay attention to their emotions! Were you aware that self control is a fruit of the spirit? Did you know that you are warned to steer clear of anger for your own protection? The more I learn about Jesus, The Lord of Air, The fruits of the Spirit, and my armor needed to live the abundant life I was promised, the more aware I am of the evil we face daily. I know I have blogged before on how important it is to realize we are indeed in a spiritual battle and therefore how vital it is that you understand the force you are fighting. I think it is in my blog titled "Why you need to know Scripture". Please do not mistake me for some great teacher when it comes to God's Word. I only know what He wrote on my heart. It was written on yours too. Just because it is there does not mean we all pay attention to it. If that were the case I don't think we'd be instructed to seek God. The more you understand God's Word, the more you will long for it.

One of the first books of the Holy Bible I studied with a small group was Ephesians. I will openly admit I really struggled with my tongue at this point in my life. For that matter, I struggled with the whole "Submit" issue. That was a year ago. Literally. Now I submit to Mike but not how I first thought that meant. When you "get" the beauty of what The Word is actually speaking to you, submitting to your spouse is an awesome thing. That is not to say that Mike and I don't occasionally disagree over something. What it does mean is we know how to communicate now. I submit to Mike because He submits to me. After 9 years I am in awe that we are like newlyweds again. We appreciate each other. I could weep due to the amount of gratitude I have for God's Grace. The Word saved my marriage. The Word is helping me with every element of my life. It is the number one book when it comes to "Self-helpers".

I imagine that fact alone is why the evil one has blocked it's use at every opportunity. It's why he created so many false religions. He is so darn sneaky he will have you convinced you need to work on your sin. Have you ever heard you can only concentrate fully on one thing at a time? It is true. It is why Lamaze works as well as it does. When a woman is concentrating on how to breath that is her focus, not the pain itself. With that in mind, when Satan can get you busy "working on your problem" you are not paying attention to your righteousness. You are focusing on the problem which will always result in making you stumble again and again. Giving the evil one more ammunition to use against you. There is no need for you to live that way. You see, you are already sanctified. If you pay attention to your righteousness and not your sin, you will sin less. Instead of beating yourself up or putting yourself down, listen to the positive voice inside of you.

The Lord of Air came here with one purpose in mind, to steal from you, to destroy you, and to kill you. Jesus came so that you could have life and live that life abundantly. Jesus came here to live out "The Law" perfectly. He was able to do what no human could. He did not have an earthly father. He is God's only begotten Son. He came here to save us. He too was messed with by Satan. He understands our pain, our confusion, our fight. We have an ally in Heaven. Through is fleshly death and His resurrection, we have nothing to fear. Stop crucifying yourself for past mistakes. Not one of us is perfect! Stop asking for something you already have. Forgiveness is already granted for all past and future sins. There is nothing you could do today or tomorrow that has not already been forgiven. Instead of asking for forgiveness, ask for strength!

The Holy Bible warns you about the enemy and gives amazing advice for how to get the most out of life. Stop thinking of it as a Religious book. The Holy Bible is the Word of God. Nothing More. Nothing Less. If you desire a better life, if you long for happier days, if you wish you could become a better person, there is only one book you need to check out. It holds all the secrets to abundance!!! I highly encourage you to get into The Word and to find a small group to study with. We were not meant to walk through this life alone my friends, don't help the evil one seclude you from relationships with fellow believers.

I was prompted by the Holy Spirit to share a song yesterday. No sooner than I had posted it in various groups on Facebook a dear friend of mine replied that she had added it to her play list. She stated that it was right where she was in her walk. With that in mind, I am sharing it here too.

Today I pray for all who are lost, lonely and without hope. Father, I ask you to go to them. Get their attention  like you got mine Father. I know I sought you as a child and I thank you for your Grace. We both know how far I ran from you. Father, those that have never turned to you and those that have run from you, they need you more than ever. I ask you to go to them Father. Lift them up. Speak to their hearts Father. I come to you asking that you turn up the volume. So many of us hear the Lord of Air much clearer and louder than we Hear the voice of righteousness. Teach us to be still Father. Tune in our inner ears. Magnify your word that you wrote on our hearts. Make it clear and undeniable Father. I am so grateful that I know you. I only long for my fellow brothers and sisters know you too. In Jesus name I pray. Amen.

© Wendy Glidden, published 5/15/2013

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