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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Terrifically Testimonial Tell-All Tuesday's Marketing Tip!

Good Morning Everyone! Today’s Marketing tip is simply this: “Get out of your comfort zone”

I am not sure what you are marketing or what business you are marketing for, but whatever it may be, we all must learn to get out of our comfort zone. 

When the disciples went out to “Spread the Good News” they were forced to step out of their comfort zone. Thank God when it comes to our own business we don’t have to step so far out of the box that it puts us in line for punishment or harm!

I saw a movie once where the father of two children was telling them about how he first met their mom. He said he had walked by a window and saw her in a restaurant and just KNEW she was the ONE. He summoned up 20 seconds of insane courage, walked into that restaurant and introduced himself to her and asked her out! They had gotten married, had two beautiful children and sadly she had passed away. 

What I took from that movie was exactly what he said. Sometimes you feel something so great you just know it is meant to be. Today I encourage you to move when you feel prompted. When you are stirred to move, it is my belief that this tug is the Holy Spirit stirring you to move. The reason you will at times need that insane courage is simply due to the fact that evil one will immediately attempt to fill your heart full of fear over all that will bring you Joy giving you cause to sing praises, for that is what drives him. When you feel an overwhelming fear that attempts to paralyze you in your tracks call upon God for strength and step out of your comfort zone! Step out on Faith!

Today has been a VERY busy day! I began writing this out at 8 this morning but was unable to complete the post in a timely fashion. I hope my post finds you enjoying your day and I pray you are encouraged to step out of your comfort zone for that is where greatness awaits you!

If you are interested in reading a story about a girl and her Faith . . . like a female Job, I invite you to read my full testimony. It begins with the post "In the beginning" and I am still adding to it but the word on the street is "Thank you for sharing"!

Father God, Today I pray all who are thinking they can never make it to the top or who are feeling down and out come to know you are the source of strength. I pray they turn to you with praise as well as seek you for all else. I am blessed beyond measure and I cannot thank you enough. All I desire is for my fellow brothers and sisters to know they too are your children and you love us all alike. Thank you for using me in ways one could only dream of Father. In Jesus name I, your humble servant, your loving daughter, pray. Amen.

I love Mandisa's song "Good Morning" and I have shared it. Today I am sharing her new hit "Overcomer" for that is who You are! I hope you enjoy it!

Wendy, Mom of Many

© Wendy Glidden 2013

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