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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Unpacking Treasure! Show Me a Sign Part II

Wild Wacky Wonderful Weds. Today my friends, I am unpacking treasure! I am nervous, excited and ready to share what I buried in an envelope and then tucked away in a drawer months ago. On days when I am feeling attacked I pull it out and read it to myself. It helps me recall that day. It helps me feel loved by my Heavenly Father. It helps me every time I read it. It is absolutely my most valuable possession. I felt it was too much to share with the world. Never do I want to appear to be putting on airs. I am better than no one.

About 2 months after I first received this letter, I felt the pull to share it. I sought out the permission of the one who had written it to me. She agreed then to let me share it but asked that I remove her name as she is going through some pretty serious times herself and was seeking to be invisible. I decided with that request, the time was not right. Since then, we have talked through face book about boldness and how we are not meant to cower and hide. We are loved by God. As a song I have shared says, "Whom shall I fear?" She agreed, but I still felt sharing the letter without her being comfortable with it meant the time was still not right.

Shortly after that conversation, I was looking for something and I opened the drawer my treasure is in. When my eyes saw the envelope, I clearly heard, 'You are not meant to bury treasure.' I quickly dismissed the thought and continued in my search for what I was looking for. Then yesterday I received a message from someone that basically said, "I never realized God is real" my heart exploded and I knew I must share this letter. For it leaves little doubt about not only God's existence, it speaks volumes for his love for all of us.

With this being said, first I am going to request that if you have never read my post "Show Me a Sign" that you read it first. This link should take you right to it: http://youareworthytoo.blogspot.com/2012/12/show-me-sign.html

PLEASE read my testimony regarding where I was at when I first met this messenger from God before you even read this scanned inserted letter. It is through both of them you will find it undeniable that God is at work in our lives.

With that being said, it is my prayer you followed my directions. Here is the scanned letter. She sent it to Jordan Daily my sponsor for the Great Banquet. He delivered it to me on the following Sunday. Needless to say it left me in tears. I had asked her to share her side of the story for 6 months when I received this at the most perfect time. The date is almost cut off. If you look closely you can tell she sent the email on Saturday, February 23, 2013 @ 1:10 pm.

For the life of me, I cannot figure out how to enlarge this with the tools I understand. If you have trouble reading it and truly want to know what it says, send me an email to WendyGlidden123@gmail.com. I have been told by a reader that if you click in the middle of the letter it blows up and then you can back arrow and return to the rest of the post!

This letter reminds me of God's love for all of us. In one amazing "Only God could pull that off" moment, He answered the prayer of two girls. What a gift. I count myself blessed to have received such an undeniable sign. 

It was out of fear of what others would think that I shoved this letter in a drawer. It was God that continued to prompt me to share. With the blatant statement from a fellow sibling who was in obvious pain, the weight of guilt outweighed the fear of judgement from others. I NEVER want to appear grandiose. I am nothing more than a girl who sought God. 

The things that have carried me through the darkest moments of my life have been things like this letter. Being told by a visible angel as a child that I was beautiful and that I was a child of God was a statement I clung to in the dark. 

When I was in the 8th grade we did a study on names and what they were supposed to mean. Wendy was not listed in 1983. My religion teacher promised to due further research. She caught me in the hall one day to let me know what she had discovered regarding my name. She said, "Wendy. I wanted to let you know your name means 'Walks With God'. I cannot begin to explain how that caused my heart to soar. I loved my name after that for I feel as if I indeed walk with God. 

My heart is overflowing with emotion as I come to the end of today's post. Please KNOW you ARE a CHILD of GOD. Please SEEK HIM. HE IS FAITHFUL. I am blessed beyond measure. While it is true I have lived through more than some, it is also true I have lived through MUCH LESS. We all have our own trials and tribulations to overcome. These are much easier to get beyond when you LEAN on God. Why not begin practicing that today!

I heard this song a couple months ago. I am not sure if I have tied it to any other blogs but in a world where the Lord of Air has whispered false names to all of us, I find it fitting to place this song here! I hope it encourages you to change your name! 

Father God, I come before you today with such gratitude, simple words cannot begin to explain how much I love you. I ask that as my sisters and brothers fall to their knees and give their lives to you asking that your will be done in their lives that you in turn answer them as clearly as you have me. We need you Lord. More than ever if that is possible. So many are asleep. So many are lost. So many have been deceived by the Father of Lies. I pray you take off the blinders and allow my fellow brothers and sisters to recognize truth as truth. I pray all ears are unplugged and lies are heard as lies. Give us hope Father. Reveal silver linings to all who seek you even if they seek you timidly at first. We live in a world that has begun to call your words 'hate speech'. How clever the enemy is. He has had too much time here. He is a genius when it comes to deception. I pray his slight of hand, his lies, his deceptions all fall to the ground as useless weapons against your children. In Jesus name I pray. Amen.

** I am also adding another song I heard today (December 16, 2013) It's called Friend of God and it is sung by Craig and Dean Phillips <3 God is the Best Friend a girl could ever hope to have <3

Wendy, Mom of Many

© Wendy Glidden 2013

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