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Monday, November 11, 2013

Blessed in So Many Ways!

Marvelously Magnificent Miraculous Monday! This past weekend I was moved to tears by the kindness of two strangers who gifted my family and I and disappeared into thin air. I was not able to thank them directly and knew in my heart God had moved them to bless me in a way that gave all the glory to Him. So very thankful for the hands and feet of Jesus. 

Today's encouraging word reminds me that Jesus is not only my Lord and Savior, He is also my friend:

There is no greater love than to lay down one's life for one's friends. ~ John 15:13, NLT

So this weekend was truly something indeed. I left work Friday, jumped on the interstate with five of my children and my five gift bags to attend my 'Ladies of Hagar Saved With Amazing Grace' annual fundraiser for 'The least of these'. 

We had a fantastic night and I was blessed to be able to share my wallet story with another girl who markets for Scentsy. I met her on Facebook and fell in love with her attitude before I ever met her in person. 

If you are into candles but fearful of house fires, you should really check out her website. Beautiful warmers and non toxic wax! I learned that the wax begins cooling instantly, so no fear of your little ones getting hurt should they become curious and tip the warmer over! Here is her website http://www.pefleybelieves.scentsy.us should you like to take a look for yourself. These make great gifts for your friends and family as well as for yourself! 

I could not resist this warmer with a single tree on it that lights up. I love trees. There is just something so magnificent about them. As soon as I saw this warmer I knew it was the one for me! Years ago when Mike and I first moved back to Indiana, he went to work on a tree farm. I was blessed to be able to work with him for a summer and help him plant trees. When you walk into a barren yard and plant 10 tall trees you truly appreciate how they beautify the scene. Mike had an art of dropping a clump birch tree into the freshly dug hole. I would stand back and watch in awe as he would spin this monster tree, they were never smaller than 15' tall, and place it in the ground making it look as if it was always there. It is still one of my favorite trees.

Funny enough all the scents I picked out were lilac and lavender scents! They have all kinds of amazing scents, many of them smell like home baked goodies. I joked with Tammy and said, no food scents, I still have 40 pounds to lose! This candle warmer is my reminder of the home I lived in surrounded by trees for seven years before the state plowed my home and all the trees down for the new highway.

All in all we had a great night. Many of our guests won a gift of some kind. I believe we have raised enough to sponsor 80 children at this point. Our next event is going to include horse drawn carriage rides and personally handing out the gifts to the children. I can hardly wait to see their faces. What fun it is going to be. 

So speaking of gifting others. As many of you know, Mike is in Florida currently. He has not been able to help out financially as he landed in hot water almost as soon as he arrived in Florida. Nothing of his own doing but from an event where lose ends were not tied from over seven years ago! I will know tomorrow when he will actually be allowed to head back home. I had earnestly prayed at the end of August, beginning of September for God to either convict him or remove him. Many of you have read about all of this in previous posts and know how it went down already. For those who have not, I will simply say, when you pray God hears. How He answers is always according to His will. Since God is always good no matter what strife we face here, when you pray, my advice would be to let it go, have faith in God, and keep your focus on Him! I have done my best at this. 

Being a single mom of many children can be scary. Every month I make out my budget, look at these growing children and say a prayer for provision. Going into November I knew I was going to sponsor a child so my clothing budget had to grow a little. I also knew I was going to this fundraiser and I would support anyone who stepped up and came to the event. It just so happened I was looking for a night light of sorts so thank you God for helping me make my dollars stretch to do all they need to do in a given month!

This year, I enrolled Michael in basket ball. Thinking with no father in the house, being a part of a team would be healthy for him. We had our first game on November 2nd and I watched as Michael did great, stealing passes and rebounding, but he would have done even better had he not been sliding all over the place! I had not budgeted for basketball shoes in the month of November but knew he truly needed a pair for his own safety. I played on a basketball team most of my childhood. I know how much shoes matter. I woke up Saturday morning bound and determined to purchase a pair of shoes for him even if it meant being more creative with our menu selections this month.

So I loaded all the children in the car and off to Dicks Sporting Goods we sped. When we got there we headed to the shoe section and a kind employee helped us with the right size. I allowed Michael to pick out his favorite pair, praying that he would pick one of the least expensive pairs, which he did. Still, it was more money than I would spend purchasing shoes for all of them combined! He laced them up and I had him shift and turn and move around. He loved them. The employee handed me the box, told me he could wear them out and we went to go pay for them. The first cashier I approached was already calling for help from management so I asked if there was another cashier open. She pointed over to the other side of the store and said there should be someone on the east side. As I headed to that side, the same employee that had helped us came running up to me with an envelope. He informed me that he had no idea what was inside but he was asked to give it to me by another shopper. When I got over to the cashier, I opened the envelope and began crying. It was a gift card with enough money on it to completely pay for Michael's shoes. 
I shared the good news with the children and the cashier. It was awesome to watch Michael play this Saturday and not slide! We lost the game by two points in the final few seconds of the game. It was an awesome game to watch!

After that we headed off to the store, joyous that we had enough to buy two weeks worth of dinners and breakfasts and snacks as long as we were smart with our money. I have assigned all the children duties so that I don't have chaos in the aisles. Marissa is my tally keeper. Michael helps me pull the cart along. Delilah and Marie are my fetchers and Jeffrey is consulted on options. When we got to the cashier, she rang up all my items. We joked and talked as she is one of my favorites there. I've been shopping at Aldi's since I was a teenager! When she hit the total button she leaned forward and said, "I just have to ask, did you or your children talk to anyone in the aisle?" I said, "No. we didn't." She then held up some cash and said, "Well a lady that shops in here all the time like you said she wanted to bless you. So is it okay if we take this off your bill." Again. I stood in awe with tears in eyes and said, "Yes". 

I was so overwhelmed by it all, my eyes hurt from holding back tears. I told the children I needed to unload the groceries and then we needed to go do laundry. Jeffrey looks at me and asks, "Can we go to the hotel and do the laundry?" I thought to myself. With the money I was blessed with I did have enough to cover a room and it would be nice to not be in a laundry mat. To pretend I was doing laundry where I lived would be a blessing so I caved. When I called to see if there were any suites available I was informed there was. I booked the room. When I arrived, I was given the room for $10 less than my normal charge which is already a gift in itself. I got all the children settled in the room and went to get some quarters for the washer and dryer. When I got to the front desk, I was told they did not have enough quarters to give me change but was invited to do my laundry for free in their industrial machines. 

This week the Lord provided every need I had in amazing ways leaving me in awe. When I went to church on Sunday, as always we were asked if anyone had any praises or prayer requests, I had to share my blessings. I told everyone about my Saturday. 

I love my home church for I truly feel at home. I have shared both blessings and asked for prayers here. What I love most about my home church is that I truly feel at home there. 

This month of November the youth group decided it would add more fun to the day if we had 'Themes' for each Sunday. Last Sunday was 'Goodwill' Sunday. In other words go to goodwill and find an outfit that is not the norm and wear it. This Sunday was 'Crazy Hat' Sunday. I love having fun so of course I have been participating. Here are pictures of my outfits for the last two weeks!

So This is a dress I found on the rack at goodwill. It was obviously hand made. Pink was not anywhere in my wardrobe until I added this festive item! It helped me win the prize for the week. Up until it was announced I won best dressed for the girls, we did not know there would be a prize! I took this same hat and dressed it up a bit for the following Sunday.

As you can imagine, I got quite a few compliments when I wore it! One even from the bowling alley manager! I saw a lot of crazy hats this Sunday myself! 

This coming week is twin day and I am pretty sure I have talked another friend of mine into checking out my church. I have already worked out our outfits. This is going to be so much fun. We are ending the month with Formal Day as the final Sunday. I have my eyes open for a fancy dress I just know God will provide for me in the nick of time. That Sunday is also when we will stay after church and all eat together in the banquet room. Nothing like hanging out with family!! 

If you don't feel at home where you seek the word and are in search of a home church in Hamilton / Marion County, I would love for you to check out where I enjoy fellowship each Sunday. We meet at Pinheads Bowling Alley in Noblesville, Indiana, in the Bar or Banquet room. Worship begins at 10, but feel free to arrive a little early for conversation, donuts, milk, juice and coffee! You will learn right out of the bible and I promise you will be made to feel at home!

Father today I pray that all and any who are in search of a home church find just what they are looking for. May the place be full of members of the body of Christ. There is nothing like hanging out with true believers and learning your word. I am so blessed to have found Leavener as my home church. I am singing your praises Father and am so thankful for how you shower me with love and as promised provide all my needs for me. May many more step out if Faith and be blessed in seeing how much you love them as well. In Jesus name I pray. Amen.

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All I ever ask of any reader is if you find yourself moved, encouraged, inspired at all, please share my blog link with anyone you think is in need of some hope, faith and love!

Wendy, Walks with God
Mom of Many

© Wendy Glidden 2013

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