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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Where Christ is, There I Shall Be Also!

May he grant your heart's desires and make all your plans succeed. ~ Psalm 20:4, NLT

I love the Psalms. They make my heart soar. The closer you draw to God, the more you build a friendly relationship with Him, the clearer your eyes become. 

Have you ever heard that the bible is a living document? I have. Readers know how a book can come to life in their hands. How while reading it they are in a way transported to that place and time. I love that about a good book.

The bible is a collection of books. Today when I pick it up and have time to read and dive in, these books truly do come to life for me. I can hear Paul and David and King Solomon and often I find my self caught up in their moments. I love reading and the bible is hands down the coolest book I have ever held in my hands.
The other day I read this encouraging word:

All of us, like sheep, have strayed away. We have left God's paths to follow our own. Yet the Lord laid on him the sins of us all. 
~ Isaiah 53:6, NLT

I was certainly a sheep that had strayed. An angry self centered sheep at that! Resolved to live my life on my own terms and in my own way. How foolish we become when we cut ourselves off from the Lord. We are so blind we cannot see the error in our ways.

This past month I have been watching faith based movies from the library. They are great family movies and they inspire me. We all need a little veg time when we are overworked. I am to the point that I need it to be positive quality veg time. It was in trying to find decent comidies I could watch with my family that I discovered the faith based category in the local library. What is being labled as comedy these days is not really that funny. Honestly the majority of the films seem to be more sad than funny and often more than not they are not family appropriate.

One of the movies I checked out last week was called:  'Luther' Here is the link should you like to view it for yourself. 
a link to the movie itself Rather than purchase it, I would see if your local library has a copy for free! It's not really a family movie so don't pop this one in while the children are still up! 

While researching Luther further, I discovered that he is not exactly the most liked person in history! While I am sure this scene is not a direct quote made by the original Luther, it is too good not to share! Allow me to paint the scene: Luther is explaining to the congregation what his view of God was like before he had learned about Jesus Christ. As he strolled away from the pulpit and stood next to the first pew, this is what he said in the movie itself:

"Those who see God as angry, do not see Him rightly, but look upon a curtain as if a dark storm cloud has been drawn across his face. If we truly believe Christ is our Savior, than we have a God of Love. To see God in faith is to look upon His friendly heart.
So, when the devil throws your sins in your face and declares that you deserve death in hell, tell him this: I admit that I deserve death in hell, what of it! For I know one who suffered and made satisfaction in my behalf. His name is Jesus Christ, Son of God, where He is there I shall be also!"

I found myself truly enjoying the entire movie. I think those who despise religion itself would truly enjoy this movie because of the true story behind it. Martin Luther was most indeed a mover and shaker in his day!

The other movie I watched was family appropriate. It is called The Genesis Code. I found a trailor clip off of youtube. If your browser won't let you view it from within my blog, just go to youtube itself and type it in.
The gist of this movie revolves around the opening book of the bible and explains how science and the first six days as described by God are not in conflict. 

I hope you find the time to squeeze these two movies into your viewing sequence! I think as far as movie's go they are both worth watching. 

Today is Weds, February 5th, 2014! I have three chapters left to complete for my next book entitled: You Are Worthy Too: Marriage, Motherhood and My Moral Meltdown! I plan on having it available to purchase on February 14, 2014. Deadlines. How quickly they approach! 

This morning Smashwords greeted me with a green light letting me know I had passed all requirements and my first book; You Are Worthy Too: In the Beginning is now featured in the premium catalog. I have discovered that I will not be listed on Amazon until I reach the first $2000. in sales! 

However, in celebration of my making it to this point in my journey, I issued a coupon code: LR67N for my first book! It is only good through March 6th, 2014 so be sure to apply it at check out when you purchase it!  
This is what one reader had to say about it:


I just finished your  “ You are Worthy Too: In the Beginning " Incredible!  YOU ARE WORTHY!  

You write very well, and your third party writing is also great.  

Your faith is unmeasurable…  and with faith comes confidence and with confidence and faith the devil has no chance in HELL! 

Chris was quite the character… I don’t think I like her at all….. devil inside her….

This book has got to make you feel so much better about yourself. 
Now go write one a NEW book with your confidence you have about the future…. As GOD has this also planned out for you.   YOU ROCK!!!  


I was also told by a reader that when I had invited her to be in my sample audience, she was in the midst of trying to decide whether she wanted to check in more than she wanted to check out. She said the only thing holding her was wondering who would take care of her children. She said after reading my book that has all changed. She said she is not normally a reader but she loved how the book moved along. She said it really got her thinking. She told me that my book needed to be read by others like her. Needless to say her words moved me to tears. 

My book can be purchased as a gift, so if you know someone that might need a ray of hope, please share it. I would have never guessed this girl was feeling that down and out. It truly gave me pause. 

I leave you today with another encouraging word:

Don't be afraid, for I am with you. Don't be discouraged, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you. I will hold you up with my victorious right hand.

~ Isaiah 41:10, NLT

He is Faithful. You can count on that promise!

Father, I come to you today simply amazed at how you are taking my story and touching the lives of others. I am thrilled to be your humble servant. I love being a part of what you are doing. Use me father in greater ways. I want to be a ray of hope. I want others to find encouragement in their daily lives. You created us to live abundantly, I pray others are broken from the chains of bondage. May they understand they have a savior in Christ. May they stand up to the evil one when he tries to enslave them! In Jesus name I pray. Amen.

Wendy, walks with God,
Mom of Many

©Wendy Glidden 2014

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