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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

From Writing to Speaking, Come What May!

Good morning everyone! Today is wild wacky wonderful whimsical Wednesday. I am still under the weather but have decided my sickness is simply helping with the hunger side of things and preparing me for smaller portion control with ease. There is always a silver lining. Some are harder to spot than others but it is in training our eyes to look for them that they become easier to spy!

This last week was simply crazy. I don't know of another way to describe it. Thank the Lord literally that I know how to kick back and rest in Him. That is not to say that I just lay back and do nothing and magical things happen around me. No quite the opposite. I push forward every chance I have. I pray. I work. I listen for direction. I do a lot but when something gets in my way I don't let that become the end of the world. I look for the positive in the situation.

I am going to finally work off these last 40 pounds that are a burden to my frame and I finally braved getting in front of the camera and just speaking. I have no script for that just does not work for me. I have decided that is the way I will always have to speak in front of others. It may seem a little risky but I believe it allows for the Holy Spirit to step in and run the show. Again this does not mean that I'm like not thinking about what I might say. It just means its never going to be rehearsed! I do best 'in the moment'.

Recently I was invited to speak at an event hosted by Women Reaching Out, LLC. The topic was on a servants heart and I totally enjoyed my day.

I have this great friend named Brenda Taylor. She and I began meeting with each other as accountability partners in 2012. I truly love her to smithereens. Mainly because she loves me as I am and we are honest with each other. I saw that she was also going to be attending the event and we decided it would be fun to have an early lunch and catch up with each other. Due to life and the harsh winter, I had not seen Brenda in months.

We talked about how cool it was that I had actually published my first two books and I confided in her that I had nothing written down for my allotted 5 minutes on stage. I shared that having something prepared would feel too much like speech class and I was fearful I would freeze and not be able to talk. So Brenda being Brenda, cool, calm, and collected tells me to have no fear, just be myself.

When things were underway, Mrs. Elizabeth Utterback, the Founder of Women Reaching Out, LLC, was sharing with everyone about her recent google hangout and she called Brenda up and introduced her to the room. She explained that Brenda had been on the google hangout with her and then she turned to Brenda and said, "Brenda, share with these ladies what that experience was like for you."

Brenda turns all smiles and begins talking to everyone and then she stops and says, "Look at me, just talking away. How did that happen?"

I was grinning so big because she had led the way for me. She showed me just how to be myself and speak from the heart. I truly had no idea what I would say when I was called up front and since I was the first honoree guest speaker that day, I did not know until it was show time that they were going to read the biography I had submitted to the board members! When my introduction was over I was like oh wow now what do I say Lord? I gave myself a moment by saying to the room, "Well, that was my entire five minutes, thank you!" and I kind of nervously laughed.

Then I looked across the room and just started sharing a little bit more about myself. I began by saying, "It is true, I have just published my first two volumes in my life story. I am almost 45 years old and I have wanted to be an author since I was about this big." and I held my hand around my waist.

I know that I told them about sending a few copies out before they were officially published to take a reading sample. I know I told them about the response I had received and how I was finally living my dream; writing books that inspired hope in others. I talked a little bit about the evil one and how he lies to us and tells us we are not worthy. I ended by telling them, "You are all worthy!" and I sat down with a smile on my face.

When everything was over, I sold a few autographed copies of my books. I have a few personal moments from that day that I will never forget. One of them was when a lady came to my table as I was talking to another woman and signing her books. When we were alone, the second lady asked, "Are these fiction books?" I kind of chuckled and said, "No. They are my true life story."

She responded by saying, "Wow. I picked this one up and turned to a page I wasn't supposed to and I can't put it down. I am going to have to buy it."

I laughed and replied, "Sounds to me like you turned it to the right page!" and I asked for her name so I could autograph her book and thank her for her purchase.

Another one of my favorite personal moments was when I went to the back of the room to grab a mini sandwich and the girls serving told me how much my testimony had moved them. They said I'd make a great speaker at one of their meetings and asked to buy two of my books! I was not sure if they meant one of each book or two of the first but the Spirit moved me as it often does to give. So I went to my table and grabbed two of each book, I handed them the first volumes and I said, "You asked to buy two and I am going to gift you two. These go together."

As I walked away I realized I would really enjoy speaking at events. Who knew! Certainly not my 14 year old self!! If you have read my first book, you know how deep my fear of standing in front of others and speaking truly was!

This morning as I went to share the encouraging word from K-Love on Face Book, I noticed I had a new friend request and some new messages. One was from my new friend. She was simply thanking me for the story I had shared in my blog post regarding living before you die. Pretty darn cool this life of mine. Being blessed by those I have encouraged by simply sharing my heart and what the Spirit leads me to share. I truly never know what is going to come out of my fingertips or my mouth!

Speaking of encouraging words from K-Love, here is what they emailed me today:

"Don't let your hearts be troubled. Trust in God, and trust also in me. ~ John 14:1, NLT
I am so thankful I sought out God again when I found myself at the end of my own strength. For in seeking I have discovered the Love that God held for me as a child has not changed one iota. Knowing all I have done and how far I strayed from the narrow path, I find this fact amazing. God's grace and mercy. It is available for all. Are you ready to come home yet?

Father, I come to you today with a song in my heart and a smile on my face. How wonderful it is to bask in the truth. Thank you for all the warriors who have led the way throughout time. Thank you for sending your only begotten son to save us. Thank you for calling me forth and helping me see all my dreams become a reality. My life is abundant in so many ways. I am blessed and I look forward to all that you cause me to do in any day. I love walking with the Spirit. Help me to get better and better at listening and following. Please help me be a bright light full of courage so that I may boldly share your glory with all I cross paths with. In Jesus name I pray. Amen.

Wendy, walks with God,
Mom of many

© Wendy Glidden 2014
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