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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

He Calls Me Friend!

So this morning I wake up to this song playing in my head, just this one line and I truly hope I am able to find the song on You Tube so I may share it with you. In the mean time, I will share this single line:

'I am a child of God, I am a Child of God, I am a child of God,  He calls me friend.'

Talk about music that will put a smile on your face! Occasionally in our home, we have a mini-dispute over the music being played on the radio. I would prefer to listen to either Moody and its teachings or K-Love for a constant flow of music. Mike still likes to listen to good old rock n roll. So the other night, last night specifically, I was in our room working on laundry and Mike was cooking in the kitchen. He asked for some jams so I put it on the only station I know of outside of those two and went back to processing the laundry.

After about fifteen minutes, I came out to make myself a cup of coffee and move the loads when I heard a song from my own past; I want my M TV.

I couldn't help but giggle over the silliness of the song and I began singing it on my own. The children began giggling at me which honestly only encourages me to keep being silly. You don't get moments of pure laughter often enough.

Mike and I were laughing about it all as the song ended and then Marie came around the corner smiling and I looked at her and started the chorus line: I want my, I want my, I want . . . and I looked at her and she finished up by singing "my own TV".

I think Mike and I cracked up for a straight three minutes. All of them chimed in marching around as they sang their own version of the song. After all, they had no clue that there was such a station as M. TV, M being for music. Laughter truly is the best medicine.

Often, sadly, we get so caught up in all the things this world tells us that matters that we lose sight of what truly matters. We are all children of God. Even though our own children sometimes seem more like burdens than the blessings they are meant to be, if we remind ourselves that the Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away, than we may more appreciate all the blessings we are given while we are able to enjoy them.

As parents I think we feel the pressure to perform or for our children to perform. We all want to succeed in life. I think perhaps sometimes we measure success the wrong way. It is not in money or fame that we succeed. True success is found in the growing of viable fruit in ones life. If we can pass on this to our children we not only have success, we have guaranteed them success.

How do we go about such an endeavor? We feed our minds with truth. We read the word, we breath the word, we sing the word, we fill our minds with all things good. What goes in will come out. It clearly tells us that wisdom comes from God. It also tells us that everything begins with the renewing of our minds. With so many choices on what to watch or read or listen to, it is tempting to fill our minds with things of this world.

I believe the closer you draw to God, the more you truly seek what He has to say. I know there were many many many years in my life that I did not converse with the Lord. I shut Him out. In moments of trouble, should I call on Him, He never failed me. However, I still shunned Him on a daily basis. Today, I cannot imagine not talking to Him. I am back where I began as a child. I am truly a friend of Gods again. I can't think of a better friend to have in this life. I don't have another friend in this world that can pull of absolute miracles and save me from situations that look utterly hopeless.

I heard the other day that God always has one more move that we ourselves just don't see when we find ourselves in a check mate situation. With our backs up against the wall, we see no way out in sight. Trapped. Lost. Believing the game is over, our souls cry out to the Lord.

It is all He needs to step in and show you there was one more move to be made. One that totally changed the game and moved it all into your favor. That is something only God can do.

Often I have wondered why He waits until the last moment to step in. It is my belief that it gives us something to talk about and in doing so, we bring Glory to His name. Everyone loves a good story. They are the ones that get told and retold. It is often through a story that one is introduced to the glorious ways of the Father. This is truly why we are to share our stories and our testimonies.

I know this is why God called me out to share my story. It is hard to believe that He began encouraging me to do just that back in September of 2012. I laugh that we think God doesn't move fast enough when in all reality often we don't move as fast as I am sure He would like us to!

I shared a post that I made on Face Book back on September 19th, 2012 in my latest book. In a gist, I mentioned that I recognized the voice in my head that was talking to me about sharing my story in written form. I really began the process almost 3 months after He initially prompted me to begin. Baby steps is often the only way we get to where we can run freely! Now two years later I have written over 130 blogs and have published 3 true life books!

I would encourage you today to open up the line of communication. Your father would love for you to get to know Him. The only way that happens is for you to knock on that door. I promise you it will be one thing you will NEVER regret doing. Blessings to all who knock.

Father today I come to you singing songs of thanks. I am in awe of the mighty ways you are working in my life. I am excited to see what today has to bring and to hopefully catch glimpses of your hand moving things into position. It truly leaves me as a child in awe when I do. Daily I hear of others taking their own lives. Hopeless and lost. There are so many. The evil one is winning the battle on the ground and we need more soldiers in action on the forefront. I cannot help but recall that the harvest is plenty but the workers are few. Please help me be a tool that helps others Father. Let my words that you have given me to share reach their ears and their hearts. Give me the right words to speak to them Lord so that I may be a worker with a large harvest. In Jesus name I pray. Amen.

Wendy, walks with God, Mom of Many

© Wendy Glidden, 2014

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Your sister in Christ, Wendy

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