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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

A Lesson in Humility Over the Course of Two Days!

Totally Terrific Testimonial Tell All Tuesday. My tell all . . . life is hard right now. I take it a day at a time or I would be overwhelmed. God reminds me that His Grace is sufficient for each day and I have come to know this truth as it has played out. I am officially 'homeless' living in a field with no elec or water. I can get power off my car with a converter and I do once a day for absolute need (college and a moment of facebook if enough battery power is left). Anyway, Mike's boss had not paid him yet and it took every penny we had to be able to camp on a lot with nothing lol so I was looking at a bare cupboard. A camper next to me told me about a place I could go to get some food for the week. I went. Pride sucked up. I have given in the past. Now I am in need. We ran out of gas on the way and were able to purchase a gallon of gas from a local. From there I made it to a gas station and put my last 20 in the tank. We made it to the pantry. Loaded up on food, drove a block down the road and my car died and refused to start. Trying my best not to cry I went inside to the business I had died in front of and tried to get ahold of Mike to no avail. Holding back tears, the kind lady that had allowed me to use her phone asked what was up. Tears began flowing I shared the truth. No pride. With 5 children and groceries doomed to go bad, I revealed it all. She offered me a ride back to the RV, groceries and all. Mike came home and was able to fix the car without spending one penny on parts. Indeed God's grace was enough for the day. We are told not to worry about tomorrow as today has enough trouble of its own. I so know that to also be truth. If you are a prayer warrior, pray Mike's boss pays him as he should. Pray we find a place to park our RV with the basic amenities at a price that doesn't break the bank. Pray for my peace of mind and faith. Pray the children all get along (ha ha ~ seriously) Thanks! Be blessed and be a blessing!

Wild wacky wonderful Weds! So yesterday we needed to move out of the so called field of dreams we had landed in last weekend. One would think without elec or water and almost 1/2 a mile from the rest of the campground, the owner would give a great discount. We were lured in with that promise only to discover once there, Yogi Bear campground wanted $775. for thirty days in a farmers field loaded with flies! Mike's boss gave him part of his pay so we didn't truly have enough to move anywhere that needed more money. We had given a $150 deposit to Yogi when we first arrived and decided based on their fees we truly should not stay another night. My car was close to empty and the closest Wal-mart was miles down the road. We prayed on it all and low and behold up comes a golf cart with a lady I had met and had talked to quite a bit. I had ended up giving her my first book: 'You Are Worthy Too: In the beginning' along with my card telling her we were not going to stay any longer. When she arrived with her husband, he said, "She read the entire first book today. She couldn't put it down!" She asked, "How do I get your other books." I laughed and confided I had about 10 of each book left from my proofing order. They insisted on paying me for my books. With hardly a penny to our name we were suddenly with enough to get down the road! Tell me that God doesn't work things out for our own good and I'll tell you you don't know Him like I do. I say seek your Heavenly Father with all your heart and He will provide you with all you need each day. Don't worry about tomorrow. Today has enough trouble of it's own! Be blessed and be a blessing. I have to plug my book as it is my main source of income. I pray countless friends are curious enough to know a little more about me to purchase this first book. It doesn't matter whether you purchase it in electronic format or wait for a copy of the print version to arrive, I make the same profit. Here is the link to book 1 in print. Support me today and you will find yourself blessed with what you read! http://www.amazon.com/You-Are-Worthy-Too-Beginning/dp/1495929574/ref=la_B00IARMMQK_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1406129416&sr=1-1

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