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Monday, August 4, 2014

The Funny Thing About Life

It is Marvelously Magnificent Miraculous Monday!! Those that know me, know I talk in rhyme and make up songs at the drop of a hat. Lately the children have begun singing back to me when I sing to them which I have found absolutely hysterical.

My sister and I have often discussed how much more fun life would be if we all had to sing to each other instead of talk. Could you imagine it if everyone broke out into song and dance while shopping the clearance aisle at Wal-Mart? I'm cracking up with the scene that just flashed in my head. I'm weird like that, what can I say.

Lately life has been crazier than normal. I guess that is what happens when you decide to follow Christ for real. As I sit here in Colorado, I am amazed at all that has taken place in the last year.

My so called normal safe life began falling apart at the seems beginning with my relationship with my father and how I viewed how he viewed me. You could easily say he is not a fan of my blog or my books. I know this because of the conflicts we had over my writing this winter and again this spring. I also know it because of kind messengers who reported to me things that I would have rather not have ever heard. I would be a liar if I said that not having the support of my father when it comes to my writing never bothered me at all. It bothered me at first, but then I came to see that my faith is hard for him. Now instead of being hurt, I pray for him to discover for himself why my faith is so strong. I pray he comes to know Christ before all is said and done.

So here I was at ends with my father and summer was quickly approaching. I could truly feel things beginning to change, I just wasn't sure what was going to happen so I kept praying for wisdom and signs I could easily see. Before long, God pointed me back to school and just prior to classes starting, I found myself unemployed as well. I had been doing the same thing Monday - Friday for almost 8 years when that too came to a halt.

Without a job holding me in place and school being over, I followed the direction in which God seemed to be pointing me in. As a family, we packed up and headed out west to what is often referred to as "God's Country". It is truly beautiful in Colorado. As I look across the terrain, I cannot help but often be moved to tears. I cannot believe that God has given me such an amazing life to live. I get to hang out with my youngest five every day. No one else is being paid to take care of them. I get to enjoy it all.

Being without a job has also made me have to depend on God even that much more. He is after all my true provider and protector. Without a weekly paycheck coming in, I have been blessed in multiple ways. Recently I wrote about less often being more and it is so true. When you have more than you need, you often take the basics in life for granted. This is not the case when you barely have enough. I guess that's the funny thing about life.

Jesus told us it is hard for a rich man to find his way to heaven. I think that may be because a rich man blindly believes he has all he needs due to his financial wealth. He is blind to the truth. The only thing any of us truly needs is to know our Lord and Savior. When we have that knowledge, nothing can bring us down. Not the biggest battle that Satan can wage. For in knowing Jesus, we know that this world is not our world and we are confident in our hope.

I began this blog thinking about musicals and how great life would be if we all sang to each other. I was trying to think of something light to write about because lately my studies have been brutal in not only the assignments I have had to write, but also in what I have had to read prior to writing. One story particularly haunted my thoughts for the entire week. I am pleased to know it was a fiction story however the theory behind it was quite chilling. Almost in a Stephen King sort of way. I have had to take some serious time to recover from it all. I truly don't know why this was required reading. That is how horrible the short story was. I used to love reading thrillers when I was younger, now I just don't care for the brain warp if you know what I am saying. Perhaps that is because I have come to learn what you put into your mind truly matters. This is why I chose to fill my head with the Lord's word every day. It keeps me prepared for the days battles.

I guess I accomplished what I wanted to. I proved if I sat in front of a blank screen without a thesis to create or a certain topic I was forced into writing on or about, I could still write at will. Who knew English Composition would be such a hard course for me! Certainly not me lol. I guess that is just another funny thing about life. The future is never certain but that's what makes it so interesting, right?

Today I pray that anyone who is not happy with their life as it is playing out is brave enough to step out of the slave mentality. I pray you come to know who you are in Christ and understand that the Lord is your protector and savior. Once you do, you will have nothing to fear. I pray you learn to listen to the Lord's voice and recognize his direction and your purpose. You were born to be more than a survivor, you were born to be a warrior. I pray more and more followers of Christ wake up and begin to get busy not for their own glory but to show the glory of God at work. In Jesus name I pray. Amen.

Wendy, walks with God, mom of many

© Wendy Glidden 2014

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