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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Lost OR On a Mission?

Today is Tremendously Thankful Thoughtful Thursday and today I am truly thankful that God always keeps His word! There was a point in my life that I honestly believed that all the wrong I had done over the years prevented me from being useful to the Lord. I wholeheartedly believed what Satan whispered to me repeatedly. Today I know better! Satan is the BIGGEST liar to ever walk the earth!!

Yesterday, on my way home from work, I thought I'd bypass a detour and save myself a few minutes. I'm still relatively new to Reno and am honestly used to the streets and the way they work in Indiana. When I turned on 6th Street, I didn't realize it would curve around before I was able to get the the cross street I needed to take. I didn't really worry too much as I still believed I could jog over a street or two and get back on track. WRONG! Just when I was beginning to think I was really lost, I found myself at an intersection where a young lady with bright pink hair quickly crossed in front of me. I was admiring her hair in my rear view mirror as the light turned green and just happened to catch a man who was jay running across the intersection behind me. Needless to say I was compelled to turn around and make sure this girl was okay. As I whipped my car into an empty parking lot and turned around, I rolled down my window and clearly heard him yelling profanities in her face as he held onto her. She jerked her arm out of his grasp and took off running toward a business she was close to. I actually witnessed a man step out the door and told her to take it down the road. I helplessly watched her take off as fast as she could out the other side of that business' parking lot and back onto the sidewalk with her pursuer close behind. As soon as the light changed I gunned my car and raced down to her. I was driving our jeep and it's got a glass-pack muffler so when you gun it, it's quite noticeable lol. The man halted as I raced right up to the girl and called out to her, "You need a ride ~ Get in!"

She hesitated for only a moment and then she jumped in. As soon as she closed her door, I locked all of them and put my car back in motion. I went around the corner and then quickly around another corner to ensure that he had no idea which direction we were going in and then I asked her, "What's your name?"

She instantly busted into tears telling me her name and finishing with the belief that her life was over and then admitted she just wanted to die. My heart broke for her and I asked her, "How old are you?" to which she answered that she was only 25 years old.

I gently asked her why she thought her life was over and she began telling me her story and all that had taken place in the last year. I listened. She had been abused by this man and had been successfully in hiding until he had found her again that day. When she finished talking, I asked her how she felt about God. She told me she believed in God but didn't understand why He was out to get her. I smiled at her and began sharing my own story. Several times she looked totally in awe and in the end she gave me the biggest hug I've ever gotten from a total stranger.

I reminded her that often when we are not seeking God, we miss the signs and blessings He presents to us during our lifetimes. I told her that I had thought I was lost but realized that I was simply a foot for Christ and that it was a blessing that I was there to be used by Him to deliver her from the hands of this abusive man to which she wholeheartedly agreed.

I shared some of Job with her and assured her she could go safely to God with all that was on her heart even if it was anger but that daily she should go to him. I reminded her that all relationships take work and that if she didn't talk to God she would have a darn hard time hearing what He had to say to her. I also told her that she was a daughter of the Most High God, beautifully and fearfully made. I ended with saying that her story was a lot like mine was 25 years ago and that most likely it was Satan who was attempting to keep her in bondage due to the great purpose that God had created her for.

After she hugged me and was getting out of the car, I said, "You really are stunning. You know that right?"

She bent down looking at me through the window and said, "All I've heard lately is how atrocious I am, I can't tell you how much I needed to hear that. Thank you." To which I replied, "You are down right beautiful, don't ever believe that you are anything but beautiful."

I drove away and bawled my eyes out and thanked God for using me in such a powerful way. Sometimes when you think you are lost, you are actually on a mission for God. Today I am thankful that He uses me for such blessings. She may think she was blessed by meeting me, but the way I see it, I was blessed by meeting her!

Today I come to you Father with thanks. I still get choked up sharing this story. I pray that you continue to use me in such ways. I can't think of a better blessing! In Jesus' name I pray. Amen!

Wendy, walks with God, Mom of Many

© Wendy Glidden 2014
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