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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Roll With the Punches!

Today is Marvelously Magnificent Miraculous Monday. My miracle today would be that I know who I am in Christ and my faith is so great due to the miracles God allowed me to be a part of. For decades I doubted who He was and whether or not He loved me or anyone else who wasn’t perfect. This is why I am so adamant about sharing the message of grace. It’s a game changer and once you get it and then totally understand that Jesus is who He said He was when He walked on this earth in His own flesh, you simply cannot help but long to share that with all who are longing for something but not sure what that something might be.
Personally I know a few people who believe they are all they really need. They say they believe there is a God but mistakenly believe they don’t need a Savior. They view that thought as a sign of weakness. This morning I was thinking about a conversation I had with someone who was talking about how Christian music seemed to always be admitting to a weakness and the need for a savior and how they thought that was pitiful. My heart ached for them. So much so that their complaint stopped me in my tracks and I couldn’t get their attitude out of my mind. I so badly wanted to help them see what they were missing. It was while being in that mindset that this came to me. Thank goodness I travel with pen and paper or I might not have gotten this down:
People say the Christian lyrics they hear
Often express that we are weak
But the outsiders just don’t understand
How much blindness they reveal when they speak
They claim they don’t get weary
Or fall short on their own
They hear phrases like “I was broken”
And instantly they groan
At one time I guess I was the same
A large ego and full of pride
It was in realizing my burden was too big to carry
That I set myself and my own will aside
I found myself down on my knees
Praying to God, “Your will not mine.”
That is when He spoke to me
It’s when my purpose and I began to align
I am and will continue to be
Both a Saint and a sinner
It’s why I love the concept of grace
Satan says that I’m nothing but God says I’m a winner!
There is not one person who has ever walked this earth that hasn’t had problems or tough times. Not one. Even Jesus battled with Satan. In the end he was crucified. The only difference between Him and us is that He never fell from righteousness. We all have. It is only by Grace through Faith that we are saved.
I often pray for others to have their eyes opened. I know God wants all of our eyes open. Many wonder why he doesn’t answer such prayers and simply open the eyes of all who are blind. That is a simple one for me, in order for Him to do that, He’d have to strip us all of our Free Will. Now our government wants nothing more than to take away our Free will; to mandate what is safe for us and what is not and they do this all the while claiming it is in our best interest and certainly it is for the children and they lead you to believe it is out of love but it is not.
True love is letting go and allowing a person to walk on their own. Sure you can show them the way. You can lead them to the water per say. You can counsel, advise, write a book with all they need to not just survive but to actually thrive. This is what God did for us. He put together 40 authors who all wrote various books over a spance of 1500 years and presented us with it. If you truly want to know the truth. If you wonder who you are, what your purpose is and why you are here, you will find all those answers in the same place. All you have to do is seek the truth and as promised, “The truth shall set you free.”
It is in this place of freedom that you discover peace, rest and joy. If you are lacking those in your life, I encourage you to knock on the door, seek God with all your heart. Hold nothing back from Him, He knows it all anyway. He is your creator. You want to know what your talents are, ask Him.
All relationships take effort. Even friendships. How can you expect to know God if you don’t spend time with Him everyday. You should always devote your first waking moments to talking to God or seeking His wisdom. The reason it is so important to do this first thing is because life will deal you blows daily. If you want to roll with the punches without losing your cool, you truly need to seek Him in the morning and design a way to keep your focus on Him throughout the day. It is easy to get dragged down. It takes effort to walk in the Spirit. It is in our weakness that we fall prey to the flesh. Those who say we are weak because we admit we need and have a Savior are blind to the truth about themselves. I say let’s pray for all of them. Weren’t we there once ourselves? Perhaps it is due to the prayers of others that we discovered the path to Grace. Let’s pay it forward today!
Father today I come to you with great thanks. I know how blessed I am to have witnessed so many amazing miracles. I was blessed to have sought you as a child and to have built such a solid friendship with you when I was young. I just wish I could give to others what I know as truth. I wish I could help them see the truth, help them find their way back home. Please Lord instantly answer all who seek you. Let them feel your presence. Let their doubts be washed away. Open their eyes to the truth Father. As soon as they question, make it known. I ask also that anyone who is in the midst of a crucial battle be strengthened. Put their minds at rest Father. Break their chains and free them once more. Bring a hand or foot of Christ into their daily path until they begin to put on their daily armor themselves and strengthen them Father as only you can. In Jesus name I pray. Amen
Wendy, walks with God, Mom of Many
© Wendy Glidden 2014
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