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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

You Can Take it to the Bank!

When I was just a child, long before I even knew just how one created a baby, God informed me I would be a mother to many. If you have read my first book, “In the Beginning”, you already know that about me! I can tell you in my wildest dreams I never imagined I would be pregnant again at 45! I was doing the math the other day and I realized I have been birthing babies more than half of my life!
This morning the first thing I did was grab the devotional by my bedside to see what wisdom the encouraging words held for me on this day. The final line was a quote by Adrian Rogers. I have no idea who that is but this is their quote:
“God’s promises are not mottos to hang on the wall . . .  they are checks to take to the bank!”
Totally made me grin. Had God told me at a young age that I would indeed be a published author but not until my forties, I am not sure I could have endured the wait. He certainly knows better than us when it comes to the timing of things. I often wondered what the subject of my books would be when I formed my plan with God of helping the world discover how much God loves everyone. Who knew it would be me! While I am not proud of many of the truths I reveal about myself throughout my books, I am thrilled that I have been allowed to fully see the beauty of God working out all things for my own good. Just as His word promises He will.
Romans 8:28 New International Version (NIV)
28 And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who[a] have been called according to his purpose.
One would not think their own worst nightmares could be used for good, but I am living proof that indeed they can. Today, if you find yourself in a low spot. Wondering if God even knows you by name, I recommend you read the books He called me forth to share. You see as a child I prayed that God would use me to bring hope to the hopeless. I prayed that I would be someone that both inspired and encouraged countless people. Recently I proofed my third book after its initial printing. You know what you write is inspired by God when you finish reading it and find your own faith strengthened.
If today you find yourself irritated at where you are in life. If you are wondering just where you went wrong, I encourage you to purchase “In the Beginning”. It is listed on the side of my home page. This particular book reads like a fiction novel in a way but I promise it is all true! I pray you receive the message God intended for you through my story. Soon all of my books in both print and e-book formats will be conveniently displayed on my products page. For today you can find them all on Amazon.com by visiting my author page www.amazon.com/author/wendyglidden
Father, please use my story to awaken my brothers and sisters to the truth that has been hidden from them. I pray by reading my story their chains of slavery will be broken. I pray they too discover true freedom and peace and joy. I pray they discover how to rest through the storms of this world. I pray as they read my story they come to understand the spiritual battle that is taking place in the world. May they become a soldier in your army, dressing fully daily for the battle. In Jesus name I pray! Amen!!
Wendy, walks with God, Mom of Many
© Wendy Glidden 2014
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