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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Your Coffers Are Full!

Yesterday I happened to have the rare opportunity to be by myself. Mike, who I guess is feeling a little guilty over the way he has treated me this year, surprised me with the offer of alone time.

I was going to go to Walmart and pick up some deli meat and cheese for lunch the next day and for some reason felt the pull to go to Safeway instead. With no children in tow I decided, 'Why not' and listened to that inner voice wondering what blessing lie ahead. It is not often that I have a moment at the end of the day to 'be still and know that He is God'. (From Psalm 46)

As I walked through the store, I was not thrilled with the prices I was facing but decided to grab a couple of items regardless. When I finally got around to the deli section, I discovered that the least expensive roast beef was listed at an alarming $12 a pound. I quickly turned my cart around and began placing the few items I had grabbed along my way back where I had found them. "Walmart it is." I mumbled to myself.

As I walked to my car, McDonalds seemed to draw my attention and I thought, 'A cup of coffee would be so nice. I wonder if I have enough change to purchase a cup.'

Instantly I heard verbatim, "Wendy, your coffers are full."

I thought, "What on earth? My coffers are full?" The only time I have ever seen that word was when I was in the midst of studying the Old Testament in college.

I shook my head in bewilderment and opened my little bag. To my amazement there were actual dollar bills in my purse. I could not believe my eyes at first and I actually closed my bag back up. I opened it again, smiled and thanked God. I believe that God, in telling me my coffers were full when I thought that I didn't even have enough pennies at the bottom of my bag for a cup of coffee is a sign that my financial worries are unnecessary. I truly believe that He is going to move hearts and minds of many to purchase my book. I have been praying that it would be the vehicle to inspire hope in countless others and help them renew or discover their relationship with the LORD.

Recently I began sharing short excerpts as teasers to try to increase my sales. Seeing how I am clearly hearing God's voice again, I thought it would be fun to share a time from my past when in the midst of a most desperate prayer, God spoke my name:

Taken From The Chapter Subtitled: On My Knees

That evening after work, I was in the bathroom again praying. This time I was actually on my knees. I was crying and praying. It had dawned on me that my first test was likely positive. You see, I had taken the time to actually read the directions that came with the pregnancy test. It turned out that for the test to be positive, the two pink lines did not need to be next to each other. There just needed to be two of them; one in the control window and one on the result side.

As I knelt on the floor believing that God may answer me and perhaps change the results of my test, I began by informing God about the fact that I wasn't strong enough to add another child to my day let alone go through another pregnancy. I told Him I would live with my fate but reminded Him that He could, if it was within His will, take this baby and gift someone else. I told Him I would appreciate that. I admitted that I had already tried the other two options when it came to one being pregnant and I admitted I could not live with those choices ever again. In the midst of my pleading prayer I was shaken by His voice.

“Wendy! This baby is a Blessing! This is how you will put down your cigarettes. Get up off your knees. Your hands will be so busy you will never miss them.”

His voice was so prominent and so matter of fact. I was given such an in-depth answer that at once I did get up off my knees and I stopped crying instantly. I was filled with such a peace and awe that mere words cannot give it justice. At a desperate moment in my life, I was on the cusp of joy. You can only find that kind of feeling next to God.

I grabbed the package and took the second test out and opened it. I already knew I was pregnant. God had told me the child inside of me was a blessing. I only took the second test because I needed proof to show Mike. When I came back into the bathroom, I was greeted with two pink lines again.

When Mike came home, he went straight to our room first without even saying hello. I caught him in the doorway as he was exiting back out. I had the test in my hand and as I showed it to him I said, “I’m pregnant.”

He looked at me completely dead panned and said, “We are not keeping it.”

I replied, “I don’t know who ‘we’ is but as far as I’m concerned there is no choice.” I spun and left him there. We did not talk about it or anything else that night.

It is my hope that this little excerpt has caused you to want to read my story from beginning to end. If that is the case, help fill my coffers as you also help yourself increase your faith and hopefully be blessed in ways that God has planned for you. Simply click here to purchase 'You Are Worthy Too: The Proof is in the Pudding' today for a mere $13.This mom of many thanks you tremendously for your support. Inside my book are many prayers that I am convinced as you say them outloud, together we will be blessed and bless many others as well!

Father, I come joyfully before you today in awe that you speak to me directly. How thankful I am to have been sent back to college by you, for it was in my schooling that I read about coffers in the first place. It is in reading Your Word that I am helped in knowing when you are giving me a message. Only you speak the way you do! How blessed I am. How thankful I am. Again I ask that hearts be moved to seek the message within my story that is for them. Thank you for giving me the desires of my heart. I love you LORD. In Jesus name I pray. Amen.

Wendy, walks with God, Mom of Many

© Wendy Glidden 2015

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