Sunday, October 4, 2015

My Strength Comes From the LORD!


I chose to rename each day a few years ago because the various names of the week I made up cause me to contemplate upon the LORD on a more regular basis. This week I learned that this contemplating on the LORD is a very important step in building your relationship with Him. It is VITAL to our well being that we contemplate upon the LORD daily. When we are instructed to pray without ceasing, this is one of prayers forms! How many things do you fret your head around in a given week? I make this challenge to you. When worry creeps up to your door, I challenge you to contemplate things. Ask yourself questions about your situation. Seek If you have been through something like this before. Go to God boldly and ask Him to reveal to you how you can move beyond this into something better. GIVE HIM THANKS. Reflect on all the times of trouble where you made it through. REFLECT. Contemplate. I KNOW that God was there for you were not completely destroyed. You got back up. Somewhere in the midst of that trial you caught a glimpse of an end of the battle, you got a dose of hope.

I have written blogs on the dark days of disconnect where after feeling immersed in God’s overwhelming love for me, I felt like I was by myself. I have come to learn I am never by myself. He is always with me. 

Back to my point, there truly are days of disconnect. Everyone has them. Even Mother Theresa had them. So here I am reading this required text for my current college class at Colorado Christian University and I am literally devouring this current book. I only needed to read Chapters 3-4. I almost finished reading it last night. The reason being is I am learning about the maturity of my relationship with the LORD and what I have to look forward to. I was surprised of how accurate the book was in describing my own personal walk with the LORD and I was humbled to see where I had been in what the author refers to as Mansions and Rooms. I was also thankful to read what I did regarding Spiritual Warfare. I write about it and talk about it often. I know I went through hellashish things while growing up. I know full well today what the enemy said to me and how in my rash immature emotional explosions I walked further and further away from God who truly was someone I had walked with on a regular basis. In my youth I can confidently say I met God face to face. I spent what felt like hours conversing with Him. This level of intimacy with God in a very real way set me up for a very intense level of trials and tribulations. 

I got a little choked up last night as I flashed once again on my past. I see where I am today. Free thanks to the Love of the LORD. I am blessed beyond measure and I am so grateful for the gigantic hope and faith doses I was given along the way. I just want for everyone to know God like I do. You would find peace in the midst of any given storm. I don’t want to weigh you down with the list of my worldly issues for truly they don’t matter. Today I am confident in the LORD and it truly changes things. I have friends who have gone so far as to tell me they admire my strength. Me! I laugh. I am not strong. I am just a girl. I can cry and wail with the best of them! My strength comes from the LORD. I am truly blessed to have lived the life I have. I’ve been sung to by angels, I was blessed to see and hear an angel who said something to me that I reflected on often during my darkest days, I know God knows my name because He has called me by it. I’ve seen light from heaven and I am living out some of my childhood dreams already.

So, what do I contemplate on Sundays? How simple my walk with the LORD has become. How wonderful it feels to know that He always has me; to have no fear. How grateful I am for His immense love. How blessed I am in this stage of my life. I sincerely love God. I sincerely want to share this gift with the world. I pray all my motives are sincere and I ask if there be any pride or lust for wealth and personal belongings in me that they be completely removed. I pray that in all my actions I am sincere in my heart. I seek what God has for me today. I ask Him to be bold in what He wants me to see. I remind Him that I am blind so bill board signs work best. I seek His advice concerning my relationships with others. I share with Him how I feel I may have failed in showing love in my various interactions and instead got caught up in my own feelings. I often pray that God help me in the areas I need help and that He uses me in greater ways. I pray He expands my terriortory. I pray I get to be a light in someone’s life. I ask to be one who helps a lost soul find their way back home. I pray that I am a mighty warrior who is there to help break the chains of bondage for others. I do all of this often throughout the day as I remember it is Sunday. You see, three years ago in my desire to be more focused on the LORD throughout the whole day, I renamed the days of the week so that I would contemplate upon the LORD and His various characteristics.

Here are my constant renamed days of the week. Sometimes, I add a word or change one if I feel I need to contemplate on something new.

Simple Sincere Seeking Sunday
Marvelously Magnificent Miraculous Monday
Totally Terrific Testimonial Tuesday
Wild Wonderful Wacky Wednesday
Tremendously Thankful Thoroughly Thoughtful Thursday
Fantastically Fun Filled Friends and Family Friday
Super Silly Sing-Song Saturday

Many of you know I wrote a ton of my story and republished it into a single book. Today I am confident once again that I wrote this as God called me forth to do because through my story you will learn more about the depth of spiritual warfare we all are drawn into. None are exempt.

I am going to publish another book soon that I have promised to publish for the last two years. Some stories take longer to get on paper than others. For now, I ask that you began building a foundation of faith in these things by purchasing a copy of my trilogy. Just click here to be taken to my author page on Amazon. I do offer a direct print purchase from my e-store as well. If you are going to purchase a print copy, please do so from this link.

I promise you will begin to see things you never saw before after you read this book. Keep your eyes open for my upcoming publication as well, “You are Worthy Too: In the Midst of Spiritual Warfare”.

I thank you for your support first in your reading and sharing my blog posts and second your financial support each time one of you purchases my life story. I promise it is not a boring read at all. If you love a good true life story, this is one you won’t want to miss out on. Again, click here for print and here for my author page and access to the book on kindle.

This is a picture I keep on my wall and I look at it every morning and every night. It represents Psalm 46 for me. As you can see, I am dressed in my full suit of armor for I know where my strength comes from. The LORD!

May you be blessed in reading my story, may you pass the blessing on <3. Peace, love and hope is what I pray for you. Please pray for strength, boldness and confidence for me to continue sharing the word of God with all who have an ear to hear! In Jesus' name I pray. Amen!

Wendy Glidden, walks with God, Mom of many.

© Wendy Glidden 2015

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