Thursday, October 1, 2015

Some People that Inspire Me and Why!

Conversation Topic:

Jesus invites us to follow him (Matthew 4:19). In Streams of Living Water, Foster writes about notable figures in Christian history who answered Christ’s call to follow him. Select two of these notable figures, research their lives, and then answer the following questions:

1. How did they answer Christ’s call to follow him?
2. What is it about their lives that inspires you?

The first person I am writing on is Paul. He was always a believer in God, he just doubted that Christ was indeed the son of God as the Apostles claimed. We are told he was at the stoning of Stephen in Acts 7:54 and that he approved of the mob action. I love Paul’s story. I love how God uses everything for something good. Saul loved God, studied his word and we are told he was “A brilliant student” (Foster, Streams of living water). We know that “he studied under Gamaliel, the well known leading teacher of the school of Hillel.” This foundation in the Old Testament gave Paul an incredible background and leg to stand on when he preached to the Jews. I love that he was considered a Roman citizen for that allowed him opportunities he otherwise would not have had. Imagine the bible without the Epistle to the Ephesians! This he wrote from prison. Paul followed Christ from the moment he realized the truth. He spent his entire life sharing the truth, inspiring and warning all that he could get to listen. He inspires me because of all the trials and tribulations he went through and yet he continued to proclaim the mystery of Christ. When he asked for prayers, it was for more boldness to preach come what may! I love his writing style and I often can hear him when I read his letters. I love that he shares with us how to protect ourselves in this world against Satan and the powers of darkness. My desire is to be a modern day female Paul. I blog, I write and I share my life story with anyone whose ear I can bend.

The second person I decided to write on is James. I find James most intriguing because he grew up with Christ and doubted who he was until after he was resurrected and then he followed Christ full force. (Foster, streams of living water) While James letter is short and to the point, it is truly to the point. The first time I read it, my soul leapt with joy and I was like “yea!” James truly inspires me because he calls it like it is. I also admire him for recognizing the truth when it came to the issue of circumcision in the early church and led the elders to the decision that there was no need to weigh down the gentiles with things the LORD obviously did not require them to do. I always reflect on James challenge regarding faith and works.

But someone may well say, "You have faith and I have works; show me your faith without the works, and I will show you my faith by my works." (James 2:18, NASB)

This verse always helps me. I know that it is by my faith that I produce works. I am thankful that I no longer believe it is my works that will gain me favor with the LORD. That is a trap I never want to be in again!

3. How are you currently responding to Christ’s call to follow him?

I pray daily. I seek His will. I read the word of God every day. I boldly speak about my faith and love for the LORD and I blog. Today I received a message from a girl I met over the summer who stated my blog is helping her learn how to talk to God. I cried when I read it and believe it or not I was laughing at the same time. All my life I wanted to share the love of God with others and for a long time I believed due to my personal failures I was not of use. I thought I had to do something to earn God’s love back and when I was smacked in the head with the truth, I wept like a baby and have been grateful for discovering the truth ever since. I will proclaim the truth until I take my last breath.


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