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Friday, December 4, 2015

The Best Laid Plans!

I cannot believe it is already Friday night. I have gotten some things done but have fallen short of my personal goals. I had thought with three days off I would publish a blog long before tonight. However that has not panned out. I have stated time and time again that I am just a girl. I have also pointed out that we live in a fallen world and we are in the midst of a Spiritual War that cannot and will not be won by worldly means.

This week I made the announcement that I was going to share much of what is taking place in my life and how even though things have not gone according to the way I have thought, I have not lacked for the need of anything. God has provided in ways that prove His hand is the one providing. That kind of news is something that Satan would prefer to keep a lid on, hence my own personal battle began immediately.

I had planned on sharing things that God had provided and was quite excited about it all when the attack began. First, I was gifted five $5.00 gift certificates for the local laundry mat. Many of you may be surprised to learn that I do an average of two loads of laundry a day add blankets to that tally and the count increases. I spend anywhere from $20 to $25 every week! Since I had $25, I decided to wash even coats. This brought my count to 16 loads of laundry this week. I joyfully filled the machines with our items and went to cash in my certificates only to be informed that I was allowed to use only one at a time. After a polite discussion with the ladies behind the counter acknowledging how they thought these things were to work and the truth that there was no mention of a limit on the certificates, one of them agreed to let me use two of them this time. I had no cash on me and they did not accept debit cards so I had to leave and withdraw cash. I started the four machines that I could with the $10.00 they allowed me and left to get another $20 out of my account. I decided to not let it get me down. I focused on the good things caused by the situation. I got to listen to a great teaching on the radio as I drove to the local grocery store. I filled my cup back up with my favorite ice when I went in for free and I purchased my favorite cold coffee drink in order to withdraw money without a fee. When I arrived back at the laundromat, my first four loads were almost finished and I started the rest of the machines. I thanked God for the benefit of being able to dry all my clothes in my favorite dryers because of the way they were staggered due to the time gap. The only thing I did not have time for was blogging. I knew the enemy had one that point but he had not robbed me of my peace and joy. That is what living an abundant life is all about.

I promise you, the best laid plans are often ruined. If you are not wearing your spiritual armor the littlest of things will throw you off. You must recognize the truth and keep your focus on it:

(1) We live in a fallen world
(2) Many do not know who they are in Christ so they can be easily moved by Satan.
(3) Most Christians are content with the fact that they are saved and never study, grow, or share the truth (the good news) with others.

You simply cannot get upset by the things that others say and do. You must always check those things out against Scripture. There is a reason that the sword of the Spirit is part of you armor. It is the word of God. Think of it as a manual that teaches you how to walk through a mine field without getting blown up! Not only can it protect you, it teaches you how to fight and win!

Recently I mentioned to a friend that many of us as children and even as adults acknowledge there is a God. The sad truth is that we don’t want to submit to what His word has to say so we make excuses of why we don’t follow it or read it. Some say they have read the entire bible but they truly have no understanding. They have stories mixed up ~ no wonder they think the word of God contradicts itself! I promise you God is faithful and He does not contradict Himself. I have spent the last few years of my life studying and I could study every day for the rest of my life and learn new things about God but none of the things I have learned to date have revealed contradictions in God’s word. I have come to learn that He is faithful and true and loving.

I also have come to realize that we seek God and the Holy Spirit comes alongside us as a teacher and points us to Jesus Christ who walks alongside us loving us right where we are and the entire time, He points us to the Father.

So many people in the world are looking for an answer on how to fix the world. The truth is there really is no fixing it. It is fallen. We are promised a new world and that is completely different than the New World Order that our beloved government promises will bring peace. The world itself will not fix our fallen world. It’s such a sad joke that I don’t pay much attention to the news. Yes there are many problems and the truth is they are only going to increase in madness. You can stockpile food and ammo and gold but none of that is going to save or protect you when the crap truly hits the fan. I often joke that I am counting on God to drop manna from heaven for me. I point out that the children of Israel walked in the wilderness for forty years without want. Sure they whined and complained but we read that their clothes did not wear out, God delivered birds from the sky along with the manna and even though they were surrounded by countless enemies, they never were approached or threatened by any of them. To me that speaks of both immense provision and protection by the LORD. I truly believe He will perform those very miracles or others as incredible for me until my end time. I don’t know when my time will end no more than we know the time that Christ will return what I do know is we all have an end time. We are like vapor. Here one day and gone the next. Our life span here on earth is not immense. Our original design was indeed to live forever. I am glad I do not have to live forever in my current position. Yes. I love the LORD God with all my heart but my flesh gets in the way a lot! I take a look in the mirror daily repenting for my thoughts, actions and moments of anger. I long to more Christ like, to handle things in a more Godly fashion, however at times I fall short. I know I am a far cry from perfect. The best thing is that I know God loves me, that He wants more for me and that one day the flesh nature will no longer have any influence on me. What a relief that will be for the flesh will not have a pull on anyone. That is when we will discover just how divine peace truly is. In the mean time, we must be content with the gifts of abundance that God provides us with in the here and now and trust me, they are many for those whose eyes are open.

For instance, my last paycheck was only $299 for two weeks. I was only on the schedule for 5 days out of 14. There was no way I could afford to pay for a months rent unless something changed. I prayed for provision but put no stipulations on how my provision would be delivered. Low and behold God brought two people back into my life that I truly thought I would never see again. That night I was blessed to share truth with this elderly man who knows his end time is coming quickly and was worried about facing his creator. I truly believed that what the Spirit had me share with him put his mind at ease. When they left to head back out of state, they blessed us with a solar panel that provides enough power to allow us to have our DVD player, lights and our water pump. They also blessed us with a Coleman double burner grill so cooking is no issue and because we get to dry camp for free, I was able to fill my propane tank so we have hot water for showers and washing dishes. I have gone without nothing and ironically because we are closer to the Casino on the dry lot, I actually pick up the Free WiFi that I could not get while paying rent for the last five weeks. I truly live an abundant life because I am not driven by worry ~ I know I serve a powerful God. I know He loves me tremendously and I know He will answer when I call on Him. The coolest thing about my God is the way He chooses to answer me. Sure He could have provided me with the funds to pay rent but what a blessing it is to be able to live off grid and have my own power thanks to the sun that my creator placed in the sky!

It is my prayer that your faith be increased, that worry is something that no longer manipulates your day. May your chains of slavery be broken and may you begin to trust in the LORD God to provide and protect you, knowing that He always has you. We are saved by faith through grace. Nothing more, nothing less! I encourage you to read my personal story which pulls back the curtain on it all. Simply click here to purchase your copy today!

Wendy, walks with God, Mom of many!

© Wendy Glidden 2015
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