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Tuesday, December 13, 2016

The Best Gift I Have to Offer

This verse resonates with my soul. I feel this too is my calling. I love the LORD God with all my heart. I absolutely cannot believe that He chose to love someone like me. I have been so wrong in my day. Yet despite all that, here I am, home with the LORD. 

Now don't get me wrong. I am not home in the sense of being 100% home, but I have been welcomed back home. Today I am here in the trenches fighting to wake up other fallen soldiers; sisters and brothers in Christ. This world is brutal. We start out with dreams and sadly in the end many fall prey to the tricks of the evil one. We get caught up in this world in one way or another and we are robbed of our abundant life.

Now today, I imagine many in the world would think I am crazy to say that I love my life. That it is abundant because in reality from the world's point of view, my life is not a dream life. However, for me, everyday I wake up knowing who I am in Christ. I know that God is the real deal and I am overwhelmed with the truth that He loves me. He has provided for me in miraculous ways and all and all, my life is amazing. I don't stress, I don't fret, I am truly able to rest in Him and that is a luxury that most in this world don't possess. Now to me, that void would be something to cry about. 

I truly believe, we are more likely to listen to what a person has to say on a subject if we know more about how they came to be where they are. Today, I invite you to dive into my past and see for yourself why I am so confident in my belief of Christ Jesus. I am just an ordinary girl, with a not so great history, however after you read my story, I believe you too may come out on the side of possessing the ability to live an abundant life!

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May you find yourself immensely blessed by each purchase, for if the book changes your life for the better, won't it make a great gift for others as well?

Father, I come before you today so thankful that I KNOW You. Even more thankful that You KNOW me! I am amazed by you. I stand in awe of your ways. I love you. All I want for Christmas this year is for others to discover You as I KNOW You! I am so humbled that You called me forth to share my life story. I pray that it does all we talked about in my dreams. In Jesus name I pray. Amen.

Wendy, Mom of Many, walks with God

© Wendy Glidden 2016
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