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Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Thoughts Regarding the New Year.

I have often wondered just why we celebrate the 'New Year' in the dead of winter! Along with that I have been curious over the years how Picies, 'The 12th and final sign' according to the Zodiac calendar, falls into the second and third month of our calendar year. In my heart, I believe the 'New Year' should be celebrated sometime near April, when the earth springs back to life.

You'll have to pardon me for often my mind wanders in the craziest of ways, but follow me through this one. April 1st is often dubbed as April fools day. I think the tradition that falls on April 1st is one of the worst ones ever created; a day to make fools of others. To freak out a person by telling a complete lie. It's just not a nice thing to do.

The complete idea of this cruel holiday is to play pranks on loved ones. This idea, encouraged by many makes me uneasy to say the least. I say this because it goes against a wise warning in God's word.

I know in today's world, many mock the Bible. They count it as old and out of date, or they may mumble that it has been over translated, or even that it was written by men and not through and under the authority of God. Heck, there was a time in my life that I never even picked up a Bible let alone wondered what words of wisdom it might hold inside. But, in the last six years, that all dramatically changed.

Now there are five genres of literature in the Bible and the one that I am speaking of today, comes from the genre of wisdom: Proverbs. While proverbs is indeed in the Bible, its author was a respected man of his day sought out for his words of wisdom by those in the world including other kings.

All the earth was seeking the presence of Solomon, to hear his wisdom which God had put in his heart. (Kings 10:24, NASB)

And all the kings of the earth were seeking the presence of Solomon, to hear his wisdom which God had put in his heart. (2nd Chronicles 9:23, NASB)

Understanding that both of these references stem directly out of the Bible, I am including two links at the end of this post that go to prove archaeologically that King Solomon, King David's son, did indeed exist! These two incredible men were not just characters written about in the Bible, they historically existed thousands of years ago!

So, just what advice did King Solomon give the world in regards to playing jokes on others? 

When we pause to reflect beyond our own thoughts of what is funny and what is not, we must realize that this playing of jokes on one another indeed can be dangerous.

As spring approaches this year and the world comes back to life, let us not be a source of evil in the lives of others. Instead, let us reflect on the things we longed for when we celebrated the New Year in January. A more peaceful abundant life should be among these goals. 

There is one certain way that we can all gain an abundant life and that is honestly through discovering Christ for ourselves. I don't hold it against anyone with doubts, but when so many make the claim that He is the one who changed their lives for good and you can see that proof in their lives, shouldn't you take the time to invest in your own research? 

In a world full of anxiety, fear, worry, depression that fully admits that pharmaceutical medications are nothing more than a bandaid, but far from a cure, what does one have to lose in searching out the Bible for themselves. 

When I first began, I had no idea where or how to begin. The Bible is a collection of 66 books that are indeed tied together, something can be gained from each one. I began in Ephesians. It covers a lot in a little book. What do you have to lose? You can even read this book for free over the internet, so in all truth nothing but you is stopping you from checking it out!

Prior to reading this, I suggest you say this simple prayer, "Father, I come before you seeking truth and wisdom. I long for an abundant life, please show me the way. In Jesus name I pray. Amen."

I stand in agreement that all who seek have their eyes, ears and hearts opened to your truths. In Jesus name I pray.

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Wendy, Mom of Many, girl who walks with God.

© Wendy Glidden
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