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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Seek Wholeheartedly to Achieve All Things.

If you asked me what my favorite song was today, hands down I would reply Even If by Mercy Me. It simply speaks to my soul.

So often, people will give up on God because He does not perform the way they think He should. They question why things happen to some and not others. They want answers where there simply are none.

This song touches on mountains that God sometimes leaves unmovable in our lives. It speaks to heartache that doesn't come to an end immediately upon request.

In truth, we should not be so surprised when loved ones pass regardless of our prayers for healing. We live in a fallen world. We all will face death. On top of that, we all face moments in time that we don't think we'll live through. Moments in time that leave us broken and blue.

We must remember that in all of that, we live in a fallen world, but bigger than that we serve a God who has offered us a life line. All we have to do is seek Him. It is amazing what happens when you get to know God. The world itself doesn't change, but the life you live does.

To truly stake a claim at wholeheartedly searching, one must seek God out everyday. In building a true relationship with the LORD, you will begin to see Him moving in your life. You will learn to trust Him even if you don't like how things in life are going. As the lyrics of Even if state, your hope will be in Him alone. You come to understand His promises are true and He is and has always been faithful and true.

Today, I invite you to listen to this song. Drink in the words. Get to a point in your life where from the heart, regardless of all this broken world is throwing your way, you can say, "It is well with my soul.".

Father, please help my fellow brethren get to this stage in their life where their hope is always found in you. I know that my strength and joy comes from you, may they come to learn this truth as well. May I become a mouthpiece that speaks to these truths. May I be used in all ways by you. In Jesus name I pray. Amen.

Wendy, mom of many, girl who walks with God

© Wendy Glidden 2017

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