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Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Name It and Claim It . . . The Meaning of Abundant Living

In today's age, we have so many leaders of faith telling people to "claim" it when discussing verses of abundance. I cringe when I see it first hand for I know the patience of most people. They lose faith in such circumstances as these.

Just because you want wealth and health does not mean that you can simply claim it and it will become your reality. If that were the case, tons of greedy people would be coming to God and there would be no doubt as to His existence.

In the end, those that proclaim their belief in the Son of God, accepting Him as their LORD and Savior and repenting with a Godly sorrow for falling prey to their flesh, will have complete health and eternal life lacking nothing. The floors of Heaven are paved in gold after all!

When Jesus made the statement that He came in order for us to not only live, but to live abundantly, He was not speaking of wealth and riches per say. He was speaking to being able to live freely, enjoying life regardless of the trouble that is also promised to come our way!
To be joyous in the midst of turmoil is indeed a form of living abundantly! Another interesting thing concerning abundance is that when you trust in the LORD for all your needs, He can provide for you in the craziest unbelievable ways. In other words, there is the world's economy and there is God's.

Allow me to share a story of how I have witnessed this working in my own life. When my birthday came around this year, I received $25 from my grandma. Wanting to make the most out of this gift, I decided to visit my local goodwill. You just never know what you might find there. As I walked through the store, I came upon a massage chair. Not just a normal one either. This has speakers built into it that recline back as arm rests but if you leave them up by your head with your arms down, the entire room fades away and you only hear the radio. As if that weren't enough, this chair reclines all the way back, almost into a flat position, so the massage balls actually massage your muscles. The controller allows you to pick what area you want massaged. On top of the massage, you can add vibration to your back and your legs. I sat in a chair in the mall like this over a decade ago. The cost was over $1200 back then. These chairs today cost that and even more, of course they have improved over time and the new styles are listed under the world's economy. This chair at goodwill is an old model and it was priced at $29.99! I could not believe my eyes.

As some of you know, I am pregnant at 48. My back hurts. Having access to a daily on demand massage would be nothing short of miraculous.

In the end, since it was my birthday month and I have a rewards card for goodwill, I got my normal 10% off and a $5.00 coupon for my birthday. In the end, this incredible chair cost me $22.01!

I am not wealthy by far, but that has not stopped God from gifting me in such incredible ways. I live abundantly. I say this in the face of never ending storms that appear in my life. Not a month goes by that I don't find myself facing moments of trouble. The difference in the troubles I faced prior to accepting Christ as my LORD and Savior verses those that I have faced after is that many of my storms after have been more intense and crazy than those I faced and fought in my own strength. I certainly was not able to laugh and enjoy my day come what may. Today I do. That is what living abundantly is all about. As He says, don't fret, He has overcome the world! KNOWING and UNDERSTANDING what this means for you is LIFE CHANGING! Today I pray you seek Him; Name it and claim it. Jesus is the Son of God, He came so that we could be reconciled back to God. This is a gift, not anything we could ever earn on our own. Claim your gift today!

Reflect upon your life. Truly reflect. If anything in your past causes a twinge of guilt or regret, admit that even you are not proud of all your past. Confess this, admit your shortcomings, ask God for His forgiveness, ask for help, ask Him to teach you to listen to Him and so that you can walk in the spirit ignoring the desires of the flesh. The more you seek Him, the easier this becomes.

Today I pray that you begin to truly seek Him. In the end, He is the best friend a person could ever hope to have. Not many people in this world would lay down their lives in order to save yours. He is the treasure. He is the key to abundant living. Please step out of the shadows and seek to know Him. No joke, your very life depends on this! In Jesus' name I pray. Amen.

Wendy, walks with God, mom of many

© Wendy Glidden 2017

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