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Friday, May 5, 2017

The Stress Free Zone

Just where and how can one find themselves firmly planted in the stress free zone? There is only one road that will take you there: finding faith in the truth of Christ Jesus.

Over the course of my life, I have had people refer to me in ways suggesting that I am strong. At my best, I was weak before I learned who I am in Christ. My life has never been truly easy, granted many of the hardships I faced were of my own causing. Today, my life is not easy on a good day, but it is abundant.

When chaos strikes I find my strength comes from the LORD in greater ways. I guess in a way, the chaos itself is a blessing for it always increases my faith in the truth that God indeed is there for me in amazing ways. Just KNOWING that is comforting.

I don't deny that there are moments that I find myself overwhelmed because I do. What saves me is my relationship with the LORD. I am constantly reminded of truths found in His word.

1. I am a child of God
2. He loves me
3. He hears me when I pray
4. He knows my name
5. No weapon formed against me will prevail
6. I live in a fallen world
7. The enemy came to steal, kill and destroy
8. I need not fear the enemy because my God is a conqueror
9. God has never forsaken me

A crazy thing happens when you begin to share your love for Christ, the enemy attacks in greater ways and on a more constant basis. While he does this in order to destroy me, God uses the battles to assure me that He is my God, I am His people and He dwells with me. He is there for me, it is His promise, a covenant that I can rest in.

I can't help but reflect upon how deeply some hated Christ. They hated him so much they sought his death. If they hated Him to that degree, it is easier to understand why some in the world today hate me. Their hate and desire to destroy me has nothing to do with me in all reality, it has to do with my love for Christ. The world has a saying, "misery loves company". We have a name for those kind of people, "Player Haters". While I am no player, I do count myself blessed. God loves me. I don't say that to boast for He loves all of his children. I know this for fact for even while I spited Him in my past, He loved me. He protected me. He provided for me. He taught me and patiently waited for me to 'get it'. All of this is revealed in the story He called me forth to share. You can read all about it here.

You see, today I am seeking my Bachelor's Degree in Biblical Studies while raising a family of 6. The oldest under my roof are 12 year old twin girls and the youngest is a 21 day old baby boy. 31 years ago, I was a high school dropout raising my first baby. In the middle, I gave birth to 9 other babies, one of whom I gave up for adoption . . . my story is long and much of it is not pretty but what God did in the midst of it is quite amazing. You should read my life story. I guarantee there is a message from God for you in the mix of it all!

I share all of this to not only encourage you in the midst of hard times, but to also remind myself just how Great our God is. After all, we all need to be encouraged and reminded it is why we are encouraged to both seek God with all our hearts as well as to have fellowship with other believers. This world is not our home and there are more that are blind and deaf to the truth than there are those who are awake. We must remember to pray for one another daily, to ask for protection and provision as well as wisdom and knowledge. May you find yourself blessed in multiple ways today. In Jesus name I pray. Amen.

Wendy, walks with God, mom of many

© Wendy Glidden 2017

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