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Thursday, December 6, 2012

In the beginning . . .

My name is Wendy. I have been pregnant 12 times in my life! I have / am raising 9 of those children. One child I gave up for adoption when I was in my 20s and the one prior to her and the one after her I chose to not have at all. That decision along with a few more allowed me to believe that I was NOT worthy of God's love.

My life has been eventful to say the least and God has called me to become what he told me I would be as a child. A Mom of MANY! A mom is simply someone who nurtures . . . not someone who gives birth to a human being. While it is true I do have many children . . . we must remember God is a humorous God and in giving me all of these children . . . well he has taught me to be humorous myself!

I really am unsure of how to start this blog and how to proceed with the ministry he has put in my heart and I am relying on the Holy Spirit to lead me. I have always believed in honesty yet I have lived hiding my biggest sins in the closet. I promise you this my friend by doing that I allowed the evil one to keep me from my work.

It was just this year that I captured the negative thoughts that the evil one has been whispering to me daily. Among them were phrases such as:
  1. I am not worthy
  2. I am not qualified to lead
  3. Who would listen to me
  4. I am a joke
  5. I am a murderer
Now I have been growing for the last few years spiritually by leaps and bounds . . . even with God calling me so loudly to do his work, in my head this is what I was subconsciously hearing.  That is NOT what God has to say about his children! I am a child of God . . . I was told so 30 years ago by an angel. Even with that, I allowed the evil one to get in my way and even worse for me . . . to stay there!

It is my hope that with me allowing the Holy Spirit to work through me that I can help countless others avoid the trials and tribulations I have gone through myself . . . or at least to help them out of the pit of Hell quicker than I made my great escape!

I had to make this leap of faith today and begin a blog when I had no idea what I would say! This is my opening blog and it is my intent to write daily here. Sharing my story with any who decide to read it. Remember our God is stronger, our God is Mighty through him all things are possible.

May you have a blessed day,

Wendy, Mom of Many!
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