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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Spare the Rod ~ Spoil the Child

This does not mean "beat your children". I consider the rod the "truth hammer". This basically means step up to the plate of parenting. Love your children but don't coddle them. Teach them about God and the Fear of God. Take your household back and do it through Love. Find a church that teaches . . . not one that preaches. If they aren't telling you every Sunday that the Holy Spirit resides inside of YOU, you are in the wrong place. Keep moving until you find this type of fellowship. Only there will you feel safe in sharing your shames. Isn't that why you go? If you only go to church to look good I say to you, "God is not fooled". He knows your heart.

As we go forward today many are still questioning the violence going on in the world. I say to you since the time of Adam and Eve evil was sown into our flesh. It is important that you think of God daily and give praise for every little element of your life that is good. The more you do, the happier you will become. I am not claiming that life will suddenly become easy and you will no longer have problems. That will not happen until we live in the Kingdom of God. We live in a fallen world right now. Pain is a part of it's fabric. People act on pain. Some cry . . . sadly some kill.

People are so eager to buy into God allowing or even worse causing bad things to happen. He is not the ruler of this fallen world. Satan is. God gave us free will. That means it is there for everyone . . . even those who allow the evil side to win the spiritual battle that wages inside all of us. Help your children win this raging battle while they are young and impressionable. It is vital that they learn about God. If you are a parent and you yourself do not have a relationship with God I say it's high time you got there. Do not seek a place that teaches a false religion. The church is inside of you but you go to a place where other's are for fellowship, support, encouragement, prayer and hopefully hugs and laughter as well. This fallen world beats us up daily. Just like no company will ever sway every person to purchase their product line, not everyone will build a relationship with God. That means evil will remain to be "a force to reckon with." When you go into battle don't you dress for it? Read the Holy Bible. Listen to Christian programs on the radio in the car. Fill your childrens head with the knowledge God and HIS love. They get more than enough knowledge of evil especailly if there is a TV in your home. Speaking of TV, the charmed ones are not the only people to have seen the work of demons. They are written about in the bible and they are here still today. When someone gives in to the dark side all you can do is pray for that person. You can lead a horse to water but you cannot make them drink!

Today let's pray for the parents who are raw with emotion. I know that pain too well. My oldest son lost a child. He was only 18 and his daughter was only 3 months old. I held him while he howled in pain. Just recalling that memory has my eyes overflowing, my heart swelling and I am overwhelmed myself.

Once again I sit here crying and my fingers have stopped. I am going to go back to bed and cuddle with my youngest for another hour and then we are off to have fellowship ourselves.

May you have a blessed day <3

Wendy, Mom of Many

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