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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

I'm Just a Girl

Through out my lifetime friends have paid me compliments such as, "You are strong" or "I really admire your strength."   I laugh and tell them, "I'm not strong. I'm just a girl. I have had my fair share of  "in shambles" moments just like everyone else. I just know that my life has changed majorly several times in the snap of a finger. . . who's to say next time won't be awesome? I realize that quality I possess is 'Hope'. How blessed I am to have that within me.

More recently I have begun getting compliments about how brave I am. I am not brave at all. I just discovered the truth. It is so freeing. It is such good news it will cause you to weep with joy when you completely get it. It is so simple. It is the Lord of Air that tricks us into believing it is complex! He will come at you Every Day, in Every Way. His purpose is to steal, kill and destroy.  Remember if it is not of Love, then it is not of God. Recognize the Emotion and Call it for what it is. You Have Within you all you need to win this spiritual battle. You have been given all the outside tools that will best help you remain victorious day after day.

Today is Totally Terrific Testimonial Tell All Tuesday! Yippee! Today my tell all is this:

Happiness Comes. It Also Goes
It's Joy that FILLS you from Head to Toes.
If you want laughter through the mess
Renew your mind it will reduce the stress.

Today I offered a couple of dares / challenges on Facebook. This covers the Renew Your Mind Challenge. Leave me a comment if you are curious to also take the 35 point Dare Challenge . . . it's more about health & fitness. This one is for your mind. Trust me when I say all aspects of Wellness touch on each other. Work on one area and you will begin a flywheel like none other!

I am offering a 30 day Renew Your Mind Challenge.  

For one month I challenge you to turn off the TV. Listen to Moody radio at home and in the car and even at work if you are able. If a program comes on that you feel is not for you, change over to K-Love or another Christian station. I guarantee you will experience a mind change. The more you listen to Moody the better. I cannot begin to count how much I have learned from their various programs. How much I continue to learn. We are blessed to have the privilege to listen to such teachings.

I also challenge you to listen to the teaching on Hebrews that I am listening to. I have not figured out how to add things outside of YouTube to my blog. . . deep sigh . . . one day perhaps I will gain that insight. For now copy and paste this and it will take you there: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/sunday-worship-at-pinheads. From this link you will have awesome access to learning who you are in Christ and how this knowledge will totally change your life.

My final Challenge is to pick up your Bible and Read the Word of God for yourself. If that seems overwhelming at the moment, find a daily devotional you can read daily. Tons of them are available on line.

Anyone wanting to start this challenge, feel free to email me at WendyGlidden123@gmail.com with an I'm taking the 30 Day Renew Your Mind Challenge! You don't have to. It's just there for those of you who want to.

I leave you with one final thought: I am not brave, I simply fear no evil. My God is Bigger. There are a million songs I could post that I sing daily. Today I am sharing this one: Whom Shall I Fear?

Today I pray for all who have lost hope. Father, please meet them right where they are. I also come before you today asking you to watch over and protect all who are out sharing the good news. In Jesus name I pray. Amen.

Wendy, Mom of Many

© Wendy Glidden 2012-2013

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