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Friday, May 3, 2013

My Title to This Blog Stands

Fabulous!!! It is Fantastically Fun-Filled Family Friday!! Can I get a whoop whoop!

 Last week at this time I was attacked by a fellow believer in Jesus. I began a blog last December not of my own will but of God's. If you have read my blog, you would realize most would not willingly tell so much about their life. Honestly, if I hadn't lived the life I have lived, I'm not sure I would be blogging out all my skeletons. Regardless, when you pray for a sign and have a billboard land in your path, well, you stand back and recognize. This was the case for me. I was informed by this person that my blog title was offensive. (I Am Worthy) it bothered me so much I asked for others opinions in every group I am in. The feedback was this. "We love the title. We know Jesus is the reason we can go to the throne with boldness. No explanation needed." My all-time favorite reply came from Nakilah Shannon, she runs the ministry group called Hagar’s Fountain of Hope, here is the link to her ministry page on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HagarsFoH?ref=ts&fref=ts

She said in a gist, “Wendy, if God had a problem with your blog, HE would have convicted you. I know you have no problem hearing Him." So, with that in mind, my title is going back to the original "I AM WORTHY" without the tag line that I had added due to my Fear of being mis-understood. After all, Nakilah is right, God put that title in my head for a purpose. Who am I to deny Him that? If you have never read even one of my blogs, what are you waiting for?

This last week has been so crazy. I have been up until midnight every night this week and somehow I still have so much work left undone.  I have not written one blog this week. My study bible has vanished and I have allowed that to drive me insane. I did recognize the silver lining this morning on my way to work. My car is clean, my home is Organized. In my search I cleaned and straightened every corner of my home.  I have resolved to go to the Christian store and purchase another one. I am sure once I do this the original will suddenly appear like a snake ready to strike!

** Update regarding my study bible! It has been found. It would seem someone, while cleaning the car, found my bible too big to belong inside the car! It was placed in the trunk in a box to keep it safe of all places. Shaking my head. Husbands! It would be nice if you remembered what you did when you "cleaned up"! I am so happy to have it back. A regular bible just is not the same!! Plus this one is a lap bible so I can curl up and read. I am amazed at how I see the story unfolding in my head. I can almost hear Paul at times. How incredible it must have been to actually see this man talking about the Glory of God. He must have lit up as bright as the North star!!

I recently figured out how to add you tube videos to my blog. Soon I will know how to make my own! How far I have come!! Anyway, the first time I heard this song it left me in tears. It hit so close to home. I hope you take a moment to listen. It ties in perfectly with this particular blog. I know this is why God gave me this title. The evil one told me I was unworthy for years. You know that if you read my story from the beginning. Enjoy! This won the K-Love song of the year award!

I would like to encourage anyone who has landed on this particular blog to flip your view so that you can see all of the titles of my previous blogs. Over half of these blogs are true life accounts. As I mentioned, God called me to openly share my travels with the world. Some of my blogs are about hot topics like gun control, welfare, bullying just to name a few. A couple posts are just poems or about something I did with my family recently. I suggest you pick a couple titles that catch your interest. If you enjoy them and would like to know my full story, I suggest you start back at the first blog. Ironically titled “In the Beginning” Our Father!! He has an awesome sense of humor. I hope you catch that through my story! Stay blessed. Stay Focused in the Word. We are in a battle my friends! Gather your gear and join me in this fight!!

Today I pray for all who are taunted by the evil one. I pray we recognize Satan’s voice and mute it every time he, The Lord of Air, begins to whisper false truths. I pray for those who remain in doubt regarding Satan and Jesus. May their eyes be opened to the truth, I pray they are struck with curiosity so much so that they begin to read Your Word Father. I pray it speaks volumes to them. I pray for those who spread the good news Father may they do so boldly bringing only Glory to your name. In Jesus name I pray. Amen.

Wendy, Mom of Many

© Wendy Glidden 2012-2013
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