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Friday, January 3, 2014

Do You See What I See?

Today is fantastically fabulous fun filled friends and family Friday!! The first one of 2014 as a matter of fact! With Christmas and New Years falling mid week, I have to keep reminding myself it really is Friday and not Tuesday. With the added days off from work, courtesy of the days I was gifted off from my boss, my routine has been thrown off a bit. However, I have loved the extra time off to spend with my family. Trust me when I say I am not complaining about feeling like I should be doing Tuesday office duties rather than Friday's!

Last night when I got home, Michael was putting the finishing touches on dinner. I helped dish it out to the children and once dinner was completed, I offered to do the dishes. Mike laughed and said, "Nice. You work all day and then get stuck doing dishes after dinner."

I laughed and replied, "I like doing dishes. There is something about having my hands in hot water that helps me gel my rambling thoughts." It is true. I don't know why doing dishes has that calming almost grounding affect on me, but it does. Even though I have a dishwasher in our new place, I still hand wash the dishes. I have found the dishwasher is the perfect place to put everything to dry. We truly only have enough plates, bowls and cups to serve everyone once. Doing things this way saves me time and energy as well as space. I don't have to put everything away in a cabinet. What would be the point? We will be dragging the dishes out again in a few short hours!

As I was washing dishes, I began unfolding the events and conversations with others I had had over the last couple of days. I was reflecting on how a persons viewpoint changes what they actually see. When that epiphany hit me, I had what I refer to as flashes of insight. I quickly went to my bedroom, pulled out a notepad from my nightstand, and wrote the word viewpoint down before it faded from my brain and then went back to washing dishes.

Usually when I have flashes of insight, if I'm on my game, I find myself writing a blog about all I see. As I continued washing the dishes, I reflected on viewpoints and how sometimes our own viewpoint can actually blind us to certain truths. Suddenly, my mind longed to see things from God's viewpoint. What a view that must truly be!

Many times, when my brain has flashes of insight, I ponder on them. I was appreciating the fact that no two people see something in the exact same way. This point can be made by reading eye witness accounts from a vehicle accident or a crime scene. I have always found this truth fascinating. It was while reflecting upon these things, that the above title for this blog came to me. The night was winding down and honestly I was exhausted and in much need of what I refer to as veg time. I quickly jotted down the title and threw my notepad into my carry case knowing I would blog upon it today.

Do you see what I see? I can remember playing this game as a child. Who knew it would take on such a grander meaning in adulthood? I mean in all honesty, sometimes I look at something and a certain part of it stands out bigger than the rest, yet when I go back to share it with someone, I am almost blind to the thing that originally jumped out at me. This happens the most often when it comes to reading something and then later attempting to share what I read with someone else. I have told myself again and again that I should keep a highlighter on hand for such times! Then it would be easy to re-spot and share down the road. However, I am a mom of many. Things like highlighters are harder to keep hidden away from little ones than treats! Just being able to have a pen or pencil in a given moment can often be a challenge. I cannot tell you how many times I have jotted a note down with a crayon!

We all have our own viewpoints. Everyone has their own set of biases that they base their beliefs upon. Trying to help someone see things from your vantage point is not always easy. If they are closed minded the task becomes that much more difficult. As we grow and mature often our viewpoints shift and even change completely. This mere fact alone may be why some are afraid to open their minds enough to listen to what someone else has to share.

Recently, I came under attack from another person online. They accused me of harming others by sharing my faith. They called me lazy, stupid, slow, and ignorant among other names.

It never ceases to amaze me how some people, while in the process of trying to convince you that your belief system is built on a faulty foundation, find the need to be so abusive. Often, when you point out the truth that there is no reason to be so cruel to get one's opinion across, they truly seem to be blind to their own verbal abuse.

I truly thank God that I am who I am and that I am discovering who I am in Christ for I can honestly say I like myself. This alone helps me rise above such situations to the point that I find myself being led by the spirit to pray for those that attempt to insult me or cause me harm. I see that they are lacking truth and light in their life and I know full well how living outside of either of those feels.

There is definitely something to be said for walking in the spirit. It helps you rise above such situations. I think one might often find themselves in a petty exchange of words in the midst of such assaults were they not wearing the recommended daily armor required for such attacks. This is not to claim that I myself never stumble. It just does not feel good when those moments take place and very quickly the spirit of rightousness convicts me.

I know for me, my heart physically ached for this particular person. I have never met them face to face, and most likely never will. I found it interesting that I went to bed feeling sorry for them and awoke to find myself being led by the spirit to pray for them.

This, among other things, was what I was reflecting upon when the whole viewpoint and do you see what I see notion came to me.

I pray that no matter where you are at in life that you are open enough to try to see things from another person's viewpoint. If you are not willing to truly hear what they are saying, how do you ever hope to be able to have an impact upon their viewpoint. You must know where a person is before you can see how you might best be able to make a point or even better plant a seed. This does not mean you will have a positive effect on every person you attempt to lift. Sadly, when you read your bible, you know clearly some will not be moved.

It is not our place to judge others. We cannot change who they are. Only them being open to the spirit can do that. I try to remind myself to toss seeds regardless of my own shallow thoughts. As the parable about the seeds being thrown onto the ground suggests, some will take root and some will not. It is not my place to judge the ground which I throw them on. I am to throw them regardless of what I am able to see and trust that the spirit will do the rest.

I have found my own truest protection lies in my walking in the spirit as well as continually renewing my mind with God's word. I believe I encourage others and perhaps help them with the strengthening of their faith by sharing my life story. I also believe when we are able to love others in spite of how they treat us, we shine a light into the darkest corners of the world.

Today I pray for the blind and for those who believe that God and religion go hand in hand. Nothing in life makes me sadder than a person without hope or faith. I see them as a dieing flower that is in much need of nourishment. I am so thankful that even in the pit of hell I never doubted you were my creator Father. How blessed I have been all my life to know you truly exist. I pray for all who believe in you but have fallen for the lie that we are not good enough to be loved by you. Thank you for lifting me so high that I was able to see and grasp this truth. It was a real game changer. I can never thank you enough for that game change. I pray for more strength and more wisdom for myself. I only long to be the brightest light I can be. I thank you Father for all the blessings you bestow upon me and my family in a given day. I truly see myself as blessed. In Jesus name I pray. Amen.

Wendy Glidden, walks with God
Mom of Many

© Wendy Glidden

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