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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Running the Good Race!

This morning as I pushed the start button on my two year old Kerig, I got choked up and literally began weeping. I'm exhausted and at the same time relieved and overjoyed. I'm not sure what brought on the flood of tears all of a sudden but I suspect it has to do with finally having a moment of silence and solitude with no one else at home. I can't tell you the last time I've had more than an hour alone time.

Have you ever run a race or made a deadline that was so intense that when you finally finished you felt like crying? If so, you should be able to relate to how I feel today. This has been an incredibly hard year and one that angels have not come to sing to me or anything spectacularly cool like that but I have had incredible moments and the year is not yet over.

Here we are heading quickly toward the end of September and I have lived in Florida, Colorado and now Nevada. I have taken 5 college courses so far this year and have managed by the grace of God to keep my 4.0 average. My classes are not easy, they are intense. On top of all my assignments, I am the helper for all five of my children when it comes to them completing their homework. If that were all I had to accomplish in a given week, I think that would be enough but I also am in charge of all the household chores, cooking meals and making sure that everyone is ready for their next day.

Jeffrey, my five year old, is still not thrilled to be going to school. Every day I watch his sad face drive away as he stares at me from his seat on the bus crying. He simply wants me to come hang out with him at school and he doesn't understand why I can't do that. It truly breaks my heart. Its tough when the first words out of your child's mouth each morning is the question, "Is it a school day today?" I keep praying he makes a great friend and begins to look forward to the school day. I would appreciate any prayers from fellow believers requesting the same or more for him!

Mike has found some odd jobs and we seem to have worked through our problems. He no longer has the male influences that he had in Colorado. Some people might think it doesn't make a big difference who you hang out with and in the case of Jesus, that was true, but Jesus knew who he was and many of us are not that firmly planted. I always used to tell my oldest two children when they would accuse me of not liking someone they wanted to hang out with that it had nothing to do with that other child. My problem was that they were not a good enough friend to that child to be a good influence. A true friend wants only the best for you and they don't encourage you to ruin your life, break rules or get in trouble. They help you to reach for the stars. They enjoy your successes.

The last few weeks have been intense where my life is concerned and I thank God for the strong wonderful people He has placed in my life. In the last five weeks, these are some of the things that have unfolded in my life:

(1) Mike and I decided it was over and there was no reconciliation in our future.
(2) I had a miscarriage.
(3) Mike quit his job to get away from the influence he was under and stated he wanted to start over.
(4) We decided the best thing for us was to move far away from all the 'friends' he had made.
(5) We moved from Colorado to Nevada with just enough money to land and to scramble for work.
(6) I gifted my book to someone the Spirit moved me to gift and as it turned out she wanted my book!
(7) I got a job and go through orientation on the 29th.
(8) The police showed up last (4 cops and the ground security) to ensure our children were being fed, had beds and were being taken care of. Some concerned citizen reported us for not feeding them for three days and something about having no shoes!
(9) The police took my ID and Mike's ID and did a background check on both of us!
(10) Mike and I were questioned, the children were pulled away from us and questioned privately, the police had to inspect our home.

The last part ended okay as we have food and beds and the children are obviously priority number one in our lives, but just having that type of interruption in your day is a bit overwhelming. Here is a picture of me with my so called starving children as we waited for the school bus to arrive on Monday:

This week, I have a final paper left to write and I began my sixth class of the year this week. I have thus far completed one assignment in that class and read one of the two books with required reading for this week. I truly love my text books for this class so far. One of the books we haven't dove into yet but the other two are fabulous.

As an employee of the place I work at, I get a reduced monthly rental rate and I put in a request to have my weekly rate changed to a monthly rate and backed to the day we arrived. If you are a prayer warrior, please stand along side me and pray for favor in that regard. It would literally save me $200 this month if they allowed it! Seeing how the twin's birthday is next Tuesday, I would love to be able to hang onto some extra cash.

I know I have not been the greatest at writing this year, I regret to say that the evil one has kept me from my work. It has been all I can do to remain dressing in my armor each day and accomplish my normal tasks. Biting off a blog has been my daily goal but my stats prove I have not risen to that challenge. One of my favorite songs is "Day One" by Matthew West. Satan would love to keep me down and never allow my fingers to fly across the keyboard. He attempts to use my previous failures as taunts against me. However keeping in mind that each day the LORD replenishes me, and that every new day is truly day one for we all know life can change dramatically in a single second. Why let yesterday's failures be the anchor that pulls you under today? It should never be like that. We are children of God, let us rise to the occassion. Let us be shining lights in a world of darkness. My enemies may try to take me under, but the LORD has already won the battle for me. Whom shall I fear? No one but the LORD!

I am excited to finish my final for my last class as I know I will be incorporating it into my next book: "In the Midst of Spiritual Warfare". Should you yourself be looking for a little hope or some answers regarding your relationship with the LORD, I invite you to read my three part story that the LORD called me to write. Click here to purchase a paperback copy of 'You are Worthy Too: The Proof is in the Pudding' today or click here to read some of the free content on Amazon from my author page. With each purchase, you are supporting my ministry of sharing the truth that God called me to share with the lost: "You Are Worthy Too!"

Father, today I pray for more favor and grace and protection and provision for Mike, my children and for myself as well as all my brothers and sisters who are in need. I know you already know our needs before we ask them. Thank you for the Psalms and the words of encouragement I find each time I pick up my bible. Thank you for sending your only son into the world to save us and not condemn us. Thank you for helping me in so many ways. Thank you for finding me worthy of love when I was certain I was headed for hellfire and damnation. In Jesus' name I pray. Amen!

Wendy, walks with God, Mom of Many

© Wendy Glidden
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