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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Terrific Testimonial Tell All Tuesday! My update for March 12, 2013

Hello Internet World & Fellow Friends! It’s Terrific Testimonial Tell-All Tuesday! Yesterday I went to the YMCA . . . gotta be honest ~ the place overwhelms me. All the machines! I haven’t had to work a TV remote in 5 years let alone a machine that can throw me on the floor!  I found an open machine. I hopped on and luckily it was easy enough to get going. I slowly figured out how to increase the speed and change the slant. I will admit it takes a lot for me to walk. I seriously wanted to cry in four minutes. I always do if I have to walk at a steady pace for long. I am determined to figure out how to change this pain that attempts to rob me of my life. I’m pushing myself through “physical therapy”. I am taking it slow. I don’t need to win a marathon tomorrow. I just need to hit my first goal of walking 3 miles in 30 minutes. Last night I walked 1.3 miles in 30 minutes. I know. NOT impressive. However if you could fathom my pain level I think you might have cause to be amazed. 

Two years ago I was in so much pain I wept myself to sleep most nights . . . no crying . . . no sound . . . I hurt so bad my eyes overflowed and I would pray for a moment of sleep. It’s part of the reason I love Melaleuca so much. My wellness level improved. I was eating better snacks and drinking better drinks due to switching stores. Their Ibuprofen was off the charts rocking better than Advil and the ease level of my life improved vastly. Cleaning EVERYTHING from clothes to the kitchen to the bathroom to the entire house and even the cars became night and day different. I smiled the entire time! Honestly I still do. I’ll see something go in the laundry and I’ll think never in a million years will this come clean and wham it does. You know it rocks when Mike gets excited about how clean his work clothes come! Melaleuca was more than enough to give me hope. I loved them so much I told my close friends and family about them. They all decided to try some items themselves and I began earning another stream of income that I used for massages at this time in my life dressing myself was a chore. Everything I owned was purchased by its ease level. I owned no tennis shoes or any “tie” shoes at all. All my clothes had to be comfy or I might not be able to even get them on. It was through my massage therapist that I learned that my hips had no rotation. Funny to admit it but I did not know that until she pointed it out. My inflammation was so awful in my lower back she insisted I get a full set of ex-rays. She told me I needed to find a chiropractor that offered free ex-rays so she could be assured my tail bone was not broken. It was through my chiropractor that I learned why my head was in so much pain. Right after that I went to my first Melaleuca convention. I don’t know what I thought I was going to get there. College like classes was not what I was expecting but that’s what it was. I learned so much science that weekend I will be a customer for life just for their pharmacy aisle and their absolute dedication to enhancing lives.

I came back from convention pretty excited. I knew a lot more than I did when I left. I began using their vitamins and calcium and the headaches stopped. If I go without the calcium for 10 days they come back with such a force it is scary. I discovered that by accident last year. Trust me when I say I won’t be doing that again anytime soon! The experience gave me respect for their vitality line real freaking quick! When I tell others that you will notice a difference when you switch your brand, I am speaking from a source of Truth!

While the never ending headaches finally ended, my pain in my hips and back was not improving beyond where it had come. My hope of a pain free life was beginning to fade a little bit. One night I prayed asking what I needed to do to feel better. The next morning is when I awoke to the song by Carol King, “Beautiful”. I have thought about that advice almost every day since then. Seriously can you for one second imagine being in bed trying to hang onto those last few seconds of sweet slumber when suddenly an instrumental strikes up. It sounds really awesome but you are not ready for music yet. Once you put your feet on the floor pain rears its ugly head and the battle begins. I blogged on this event earlier. All the details of the song and how I came to realize it was not playing on the radio can be found in the blog titled “Give it to God and Let it Go”. This event happened in November of 2011. Then in February of 2012, I met Margie. She helps run a pain management clinic and she put me on a drink that was being shown to help people with pain. She gave me one bottle to try and told me if I thought it helped I should drink 2 bottles a month and then I could cut back my dosage to as little as one ounce a day. This juice provided me with my first “in color dream” I had had in almost 3 years. It helped me be able to sleep which is the only time your body truly goes to town on healing itself. I improved enough to attempt a yoga class for beginners. It was on my 5th week of class that my right hip rotated. I laugh when I tell the story now because I was fearful for a split second that my leg was popping out of place. I bumped myself up to a stronger juice thinking maybe the rest of my pain would go away but I noticed no further improvement. Next I quit drinking the juice completely to see if I noticed a back slide. I did not.

I am still full blown in my pursuit to get out of pain and I promise to share all and everything I discover on my journey to total wellness.

I am happy to report that the YMCA director returned my phone call and I am getting a full tour tonight along with a wellness assessment! I will keep you posted on how things go. Perhaps I should do a before photo and a monthly photo so that even I can see any improvement! I have been so busy today. I started this blog in the morning and then was away from it for the majority of the day. I am out of time so this is my post for the day!

Today I pray for all who are in pain. I so understand how life robbing pain is. I pray you find strength in your faith. I pray you start your own journey to wellness. I pray that you never give up hope in better days. In Jesus name I pray. Amen,

Wendy, Mom of Many

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