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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Don't Fret, God is Faithful. He ALWAYS Has 'This'

So, my last blog “Convicted by God” was completed Monday night, September 2nd, 2013, while the children played at play McDonalds and while Mike lost his patience with me blogging. Recently, after I read him the blogs “Have You Ever Been Pancaked” and “Suckerpunched”, I asked him what he thought. He looked at me totally deadpanned and said, “You need to find another hobby.” I looked at him totally astonished. “Hobby!” I exclaimed. “My blog is a far cry from a hobby! It’s my calling. You know I have to write. I am a mighty warrior in God’s army and my weapon is the pen!”  I closed my laptop and walked away shaking my head. Admittedly I was stunned by his comment. Me continuing to blog was not sitting well with him. So, while typing my latest blog at Play McDonalds, it was obvious that the longer I typed the more irritated he became. I wondered why he had even bothered to come with us. He knew I was bringing my laptop to get on the WiFi and finish my latest blog post. 

On the weekends we drive our home out into the country and camp out in the back acreage of some friends. It's truly beautiful and peaceful but I don't have WiFi there. So, here we were at Play McDonalds. The children were playing, I was blogging and Mike was losing it. He gave me and the children a 10 minute window to finish up. I laughed and continued to type out my blog. He walked over to my table and glared at me. I looked up and asked what he was angry about. He snarled at me and informed me I better hurry up because I was down to three minutes. Again I laughed and shook my head continuing to type. I was almost to my ending prayer anyway. I managed to save my blog and post it on both my personal page and my ‘YouAreWorthyToo’ fan page on Facebook as he stormed off with the children to get the car telling me my time was up. He pulled up next to the building as I finished up and Tia and I walked out together. Within minutes of publishing and posting my blog on Facebook my world blew up. I admittedly prayed that either God convict Mike or remove him from my life just four nights prior. However, never in my wildest dreams did I imagine it all unfolding like it did. Here is my post from Tuesday on my Facebook page with my link to the blog post “Convicted by God”:
Funny how you think you have things figured out and just when you think you understand God's timing, you find yourself mistaken. I had thought Mike and I would be living in separate homes by the beginning of next year. Less than 10 minutes after I published my post last night, everything changed. I find myself without a home, 6 children in tow and a car that was given back to me late in the evening that is undriveable and needing the help of a mechanic. I refuse to fret. After all it was my prayer to either convict him or have him removed from my life. They say some prayers are answered in a speedy fashion. This seems to be the case for me. It is I that longed to have my relationship work out with Mike. Time and time again God has shown me I never had Mike, Mike had me. It is not the same. K-Loves encouraging word hits home like it often does:
Teach me to do your will, for you are my God. May your gracious Spirit lead me forward on a firm footing.
~ Psalm 143:10, NLT
Here is my latest blog post . . . I hope it helps where ever you are in your walk with God: http://youareworthytoo.blogspot.com/2013/09/convicted-by-god.html
Today, it is wild wacky wonderful Wednesday, what a crazy day! Here was my morning post on both my personal page and my “You Are Worthy Too” today:
Wild Wacky Wonderful Weds. I opened up K-Loves encouraging word today and this is what I read: "You don't have enough faith," Jesus told them. "I tell you the truth, if you had faith even as small as a mustard seed, you could say to this mountain, 'Move from here to there,' and it would move. Nothing would be impossible."
~ Matthew 17:20, NLT
I used to think this meant literal mountains and I would think to myself ‘Yea right! Impossible.’ Now I see them as mountains we create when we feel overwhelmed and it is true. With my faith I blast them to vapor. I KNOW KNOW KNOW my God always has me. It is undeniable. Come check out my blog! God gave me the gift of writing and called me out to share my story as a way to encourage and lift my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ! and as I often do I posted the link to my blog.
I am blessed to have such faith and even more blessed to know the value of reading God's word. As my days have unfolded how much unnecessary worry I could have busied myself with. I did think to myself early Tuesday morning how sweet it would be if Mike were to go back to Florida and allow me to stay in our RV until my apartment was available, but there was no way I was going to ask him for such a big favor. Low and behold, he called me out of the blue Tuesday on my way back from lunch with Jean, my awesome sister in Christ who I am staying with this week, and proposed exactly that. I simply said, “Thank you. That would really help me out.” I still had no idea what was up with my car as it was in the process of being towed into the shop. Regardless, knowing I would have a place to stay for the next three months was literally an answer to a prayer. God is so good to me! He is good to all who believe and trust in Him.
Late Tuesday afternoon, the Car Clinic called me to update me on what they had found. A broken u-joint and my drive shaft had fallen out. “I lost the drive shaft” I exclaimed. The girl on the other end providing me with the information kind of chuckled and said, “No, the drive shaft was still there but you are very lucky you made it to where you did.” I inquired about how much she thought it was going to cost. She answered they didn’t know yet. I was a little sick, for I had just had the wheel bearings and drive shaft fixed last December right after I had left Mike the first time. I found it funny in an ironic sort of way that I was facing the same type of damage with my car again. Last time, my invoice was just shy of $1500.00. I asked her how often I could expect this to be a problem and that is when she asked, “Well, exactly what happened before the car began shaking?” I filled her in on the events of the night. 
In a gist, Tia and I were the last in the car. My arm and neck were still hurting and Tia had asked if she could carry the laptop for me. I handed it to her as I got up and told her to place it on the box behind the driver seat. When we got in the car and closed the doors, Mike instantly pulled away from the curb and in the process almost hit a car that was coming around the building. He slammed on the breaks and Tia lost her balance. Mike yelled at her. She called him a jerk. He called her a jerk too. She then jumped out of the car and refused to get back in as long as Mike was in the car. I got out of the car to talk with her and then the children all jumped out as well after unbuckling Jeffrey from his car seat. I looked at Mike and said, “Please apologize. As the driver you should have made sure your passengers were ready for you to take off." He refused and drove off leaving all of us behind. I was exasperated to say the least. That is when I realized my money and bank card were still in the car. Mike stopped at the corner and as I walked up to ask him for my stuff, he was in the process of telling me this was the last chance for me to get back in the car. I said, “It’s really my car and it would be nice if you would get out. I’ll meet you at the shop and get your jeep jumped.” Before I could even finish my sentence, he sped off leaving me, Tia and all his children on the side of the road. I looked at everyone and said, well, it’s going to be dark soon, we need to get to walking quickly. We were around the corner from McDonalds in the park with the walking path when my phone rang. I answered and it was Mike asking where we were. I told him where we were and soon he found us. He was still refusing to get out of the car and walk himself and Tia was being just as stubborn. I finally got her to agree to go back to play McDonalds and wait for me to get back. She said that would work. Once she was safely there, I drove Mike to the shop and jumped his jeep.  I thought it was weird that at first he seemed to be following me but when we got to 31, I went South and he continued East of 32. Less than a mile down the road, my car begin shaking. I slowed my speed and began praying to make it back to McDonalds. I was less than a mile away. As I turned the corner I heard a really loud metallic pop that scared me to death. Then, as I pulled into a parking space I heard the more awful metallic sounds. I parked the car and sent Tia a text to let her know we were outside. Without transportation I was really hosed. It was dark. I could no longer walk anywhere. I had no clothes, no school back packs. I prayed for insight and instantly a fellow sister in Christ came to mind. I called her and she is such a true sister in Christ. She and her mom arrived within 15 minutes picked us up and in two cars drove us to her home. Her mother had brought extra ‘instant’ beds and luckily I had pajamas and extra clothes in my trunk for the children. Always be prepared for anything has been my motto for years. I sent Mike a text asking what he had done to my car as well as asking if he would be kind enough to bring the home back up to the shop so I could unpack it all. He agreed to bringing the home and basically denied doing anything to the car. I only told the girl at the mechanic shop about him driving off and then giving the car back to me. She replied, “Well, we aren’t saying this is what did happen, but the mechanic said the way the U-Joint broke indicated that someone was attempting to do damage to the car purposely. She went on to say the only way to break a U joint the way mine was broken would be for someone to put the car in neutral, rev it and then slam it in drive.” This was no shock to me. I already knew Mike had done something to the car. I think I wanted to believe it was him being stupid. Sadly I think it truly was done purposely. He, being a mechanic himself would know better than to do something as brutal to a car as that. I then asked how long she thought it might be before they had the car fixed. She said they were hoping to have it back to me by the next day late in the afternoon. I was amazed and stated that would be great. She told me not to hold her to that but they knew how badly I needed my car and they were going to do all they could to get it done quickly.
Today at 4 pm they called to let me know the car was fixed and I could come pick it up for $150.00!!!!!! Again, I say, I trusted God. I know He has a plan for me. I refused to waiver from my faith. I refused to fret or worry. We are advised against worrying in the bible.God is faithful. Trust in Him. Give it all to Him. Knock on that door and keep knocking. Get into His word. You will discover amazing truths.  You will begin to see how awesome and faithful our Father God is. You will also begin to understand the forces of evil and how to protect yourself. We are in a spiritual battle EVERY day. Don’t you think you would be better off knowing what armor you need in order to protect yourself and your loved ones?
I hope this post causes you to become curious enough to check out my full story. It certainly has been a most colorful one. Here I was thinking I had not lived much of a life myself until God began unfolding it all for me. Now I’m like, “Wow! I’m only 44 years old and I haven’t even told half of my story and really, I myself am amazed at the life I have lived!” I am truly blessed as all believers are. Do not fall for Satan’s evil web of lies. There is NOTHING NOTHING NOTHING you could do that would keep your Heavenly Father from throwing you a party should you decide you are ready to come home like the prodigal son. He came home with the intention of being a slave for his father and that is not how the story ended. Check it out for yourself. Your heavenly father is waiting for your return as well.

Father, I come before you today with such joy in my heart. You amaze me. You are so faithful. I am getting better at trusting in you with all my heart even when the father of lies is whispering differently to me. Thank you for that. It is you that has calmed my heart, given me strength, and seen me through. Why would you do that for all my life and then suddenly stop? The answer is you would not for that is not in your nature. You love all your children. We are so blessed. How blessed we are to call you Father. To have you save the day for us again and again and again. I know I should not have been in the situation I was in for you had confirmed that time and time again. Yet as a foolish girl, I longed for something that was not to be and you did not punish me. You simply waited for me to figure it out. I laugh now thinking why on earth did I not phrase my prayer like that years ago! Who knew you would move so swiftly to show me the truth of my situation. How I love you. I just wanted to say thank you for how much you love me. I feel your love beaming down on me like the sun. It feels wonderful. I could bask in it forever. I will bask in it. What a lovely place to be in life. Thank you Father. In Jesus name I pray. Amen.

Wendy (walks with God)
Mom of Many
© Wendy Glidden 2013
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