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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

What is Your Purpose?

Wild Wacky Wonderful Wednesday What Whimsical Wonders Will you remind me of today? I could hardly believe it when I looked out my window and saw snow on the ground and the car! Seeing how it's not even November yet I would certainly count that as both wacky and wild however wonderful and snow don't go together in my book anymore. My children on the other hand were super excited about it all. Just goes to show you it is indeed the way you view things that affects your attitude toward outside circumstances!

Yesterday I went in for my monthly adjustment at Dr. Woods in Westfield. He is the chiropractor that God put in my path. I know this for sure for when I found him in all reality it was his office that had found me. It was around May of this year and while my back has been in major pain since my fall it was at this time that my feet were beginning to swell and swell bigger than they ever had. I knew it was pressure on my spine and I knew things were getting bad by the size of my feet but we were so busy at the office there was simply no way I was going to have any time to look for a chiropractor I could afford. I went to bed both crying and praying for my pain ridden body. That week we received a call from Dr. Woods office offering a free assessment and adjustment in exchange for a can of food. Amazingly enough Dr. Woods is right in Westfield by the Kroger on SR 32 & Carey Road. A mere ten minute drive from my office! I set up an appointment with him that evening after work right before bible study and silently prayed that he would have the hands to help me. Up to that point I had been to several doctors and even massage therapy and at one point I saw a chiropractor for six months but never got better so I stopped going. So the two girls I drive to bible study with met me at Dr. Woods office as we were pushing time with my appointment. When Jean, one of the girls arrived she began telling me she wished I could see her Chiropractor for he was amazing. Right then Doctor Woods walked down the hallway. As it turns out, he was Jeans chiropractor. She was right, he has a gift. Without any equipment, he showed me what was going on with my spine and in an instant I knew I had found my doctor. You could see that the way I had fallen in November 3 years ago was exactly what had caused all this twisting and hip displacement. He put together a plan for getting me back in place and gave me my first adjustment. I was a mess. Jean said she could not believe how much I moved as he adjusted me on the table. Now a few months later with his help I was able to begin lifting my feet up off the floor and slowly my pain level decreased and my agility improved. I knew the only way it was going to get even better was for me to begin some type of physical therapy. I needed to drop some weight, lengthen my muscles again and get my body back. I am amazed as I look in the review mirror and fully see the pieces that God put into place for me. The people that he added to my life and I love how He works. Sure He could have healed me in a moment but this way has been a much more fulfilling process. I have met countless believers in Christ along my walk and my life has been enriched in so many ways.

Those of you who read my posts last week already know I had lost some serious inches and you also know that I do not step on a scale every day or even every week. I believe the scale can kill your momentum. But I do check my weight at the doctors office. So the last time I had stepped on the scale was in August and I tipped the scale at 241 pounds. Yes. It is true. Last night when I stepped on the scale I was hoping for a maximum of 220. I about fell over when the scale balanced itself at 211 pounds. I almost cried. I have not been this light which is still 50 pounds above my goal weight in six years! SIX YEARS!!! I know now that I can make it to my goal weight. I have the formula for success and I have a great team supporting me. I don't even care that the world knows how fat I was, it's not like you couldn't see I was extremely overweight by looking at my picture. If anyone seriously wants to know how I have shrunk or any element of my wellness journey, I would be thrilled to tell you what ever it is you want to know. Write me an email. Friend me on Facebook or like my Facebook fan page and send me a message. Here is the link to my fan page if you are on Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/YouAreWorthyToo I'm almost to 500 likes in my first year! Just know I am here if you need a friend or a partner to support and encourage you along the way. And that counts for not just health and weight loss, but mindset and faith and hope as well. Just saying. My purpose is to give others hope.

I too need hope and encouragement. We all do. I turn to God now for my daily inspiration. I get my first dose via Moody Radio and then a follow up with an encouraging word from K-Love in my email. I keep my study bible on me at all times and look up things often. Here is today's encouraging word form K-Love:

Yes, I am the vine; you are the branches. Those who remain in me, and I in them, will produce much fruit. For apart from me you can do nothing. ~ John 15:5, NLT

I love that. I mean it really does not get any more simple than that. Apart from Jesus we are not going to produce fruit. I don't care what else you manage to get done in this life, if you are not producing fruit you simply are not living an abundant life. There is a big difference in being successful in this world and producing fruit in this world. Not that the two can't go hand in hand, but sadly we often see successful people and they are producing no fruit. To me they are not truly successful for I know in my heart when they close the door and are alone, they are empty and void and most likely know they are missing something. Sadly because we have shoved God and Jesus to the back of the room and honestly right out of the entire picture, people aren't even aware that this is what they are missing. Their disconnect from their creator is the cause of their depression, worry, anxiety, fears and everything else that is not good. They are in need of prayers for sure. 

Father I come to you with joy in my heart. You are such an amazing creator. I love your ways. I love all you have done for me. I love how even when I have strayed you have remained faithful. I shake my head with absolute wonder as I look in the review mirror and see how you have always been there. I love how you are stretching and growing me in ways I didn't even know I needed. You are so wise in the way you work. I love everything about my life today. I love the relationship I have with you. Amazing how that changes everything. Just knowing that I am yours. I am forever thankful. Today I ask that you help those who are blind or lost or fumbling in the dark in search for what may cure their problems, their aching hearts, their fears. Lift them Father. Help them feel your presence. I pray they open their hearts and eyes and minds to you, your wisdom and your love Father. May more of us begin to wake up and get to work! In Jesus name I pray. Amen

Wendy, walks with God,
Mom of Many

© Wendy Glidden
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